Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Considered logically, there's really no good reason to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries, anymore than we should celebrate every sunrise and sunset. It's custom and practice, an excuse to give and receive, just a personal benchmark on the waves of time. Birthdays give us an excuse to eat cake, have a celebratory drink, or do something completely different.....so no blogging for me on my birthday tomorrow - that'll be different. I'll be a day older when I return, not a year older - that's my story.

A solar eclipse fell right on the degree of my natal Sun last year, though it happened on the day before my birthday. "What happened?" I hear you cry. Nothing. Nothing out of the ordinary. The least normal event I can recall around that time was that I chipped a (dental) crown and had to have it replaced, at great expense. My husband's younger daughter has a birthday on 26th, so her natal Sun degree was affected by the eclipse too. She had had health problems for the past couple of years, but her health improved gradually throughout the year - so only positive things, if anything at all, from the 2009 January eclipse for her. I'm not at all convinced that eclipses should be a cause for consternation in personal astrology. The only thing I've noticed is the 19-ish year cycle of the Moon's nodes tends to coincide with life changes - for me, anyway. This may not work for everyone though. I have Uranus conjunct South Node of the Moon, which could act as a trigger.

Next post Thursday.


Pen said...

Well, it's the 27th already here in NZ so happy birthday, Twilight. Many thanks for your blog offerings this year and I look forward to 2010's. Have fun today/tomorrow!

Wisewebwoman said...

Happy Birthday, dearest T. You contribute so much every day on your blog and take so little time off.
I hope the day is full of surprises of the best kind and that you are filled with joy at another year behind you and many more to look forward to.

David Farrell said...

Hit a link to one of your charts when it was too small to recognize. silly? celebrating the origin of your life and relationships, or (considered logically) on an astrology website.

Twilight said...

Pen & WWW ~~~ Thank you for your kind good wishes, they are much appreciated.


David Farrell ~~ I didn't say it was silly to celebrate, to each his own....as in all things.
The Sun comes back to the exact place in the zodiac it occupied when a person was born, once a year - so....?

anyjazz said...

Good analysis.

Gee. He's older than ME? Well, that's good to know.

Happy birthday to you. I need to get you a birthday present. Hm. What can I get for a dollar ...