Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wee Archetypes?

A bit of daftness to get into a mood vaguely resembling festive. Snow White's 7 dwarfs - are they archetypes we could link to the 5 planets and two lights? Probably not, but I'm always game to have a go:

Happy: SUN..... Obvious, innit?
Sleepy: MOON... What do we (mostly) do when the Moon's out?
Doc: MERCURY...The geeky one with specs.
Bashful: VENUS.....Love...when in love many feel bashful.
Sneezy: MARS..... Explosive eruptions from the nasal region.
Dopey: JUPITER...Purple hat & BIG ears give him away.
Grumpy: SATURN... Obvious, innit?

Left to right (I hope I have this correct!)

Dopey - Beardless Green tunic, purple hat, big ears
Bashful - Long beard Brown top, green hat, long eyelashes
Sneezy - Short beard brown jacket, orange headpiece, red nose.
Sleepy - Long beard Green top, blue hat, heavy eyelids
Happy - Short beard Brown top, orange headpiece, smile
Grumpy - Long beard Red tunic, brown hat, scowl
Doc - Short beard Red tunic, brown hat, glasses

Dwarf names beard clothes & features, as illustrated by Disney, listed here.)


anthonynorth said...

I like your classification there, innit :-)
I remember reading some time ago that there were to be 9 dwarves but they couldn't decide on suitable names.

Twilight said...

anthonynorth ~~~ Oh, really?
That would be in the Disney version of the Brothers Grimm fairy tale, I guess. Wiki says that Bro. Grimms'version was, in turn, based on traditional tales of a similar theme from various countries throughout Europe. Interesting topic, fairytales - ripe for another post perhaps. :-)