Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bag Ladies of the Zodiac

Rigel Celeste, at Luxist, considers that a woman's choice of handbag style says a lot about the kind of woman she is. "Because they're such a daily necessity and an ingrained part of our everyday lives, handbags say a lot more about their owners than just announcing their taste in fashion."

Her handbag (purse in USA-speak) tells not half as much as her natal chart though - but she doesn't carry that around in full view. So, can I choose a bag, from the thousands displayed at Google Image, which best defines each zodiac sign? I can try.

Now, I'm not saying that a gal will necessarily prefer the bag which matches her Sun sign, she could well prefer her Moon sign bag or the one for her ascendant sign, or that for any sign emphasised in her natal chart....or none of 'em!

Full disclosure of my own current handbag, bought in Santa Fe some years ago. It does kind of fit my Sun sign (Aquarius). Sturdy leather, handpainted and specially treated by some process so that the paint becomes part of the leather. It's the work of a lady whose signature is on the bag. It was one of a small collection in a store on the main plaza; didn't cost an arm and a leg - maybe a few fingers though! I'm also quite happy with my other staple, a soft brown leather job. If I had the choice of the bags pictured below, I'd choose the Taurus one - and as it happens my Sun's ruler is in Taurus.

Aries - the bag needs to be no fuss, no maintenance - so she can be quick off the mark, pick it up and run!

Taurus - something practical and substantial, that looks classy, solid, but beautiful and of excellent quality.

Gemini - A two-dimensional kind of bag, ready for anything. Couldn't resist this one for Gemini, but it's probably more suitable for a male, because I'm not sure it would offer much bosom comfort.

Cancer - A pretty bag, soft but practical.

Leo - Designer of course! Something with style that says "look at me!"

Virgo - practical to the core, a bag that's easy to organise

Libra - Good quality, unstructured, elegant and tasteful.

Scorpio - black and sexy, a hint of danger.

Sagittarius - The bag has to be ready to take off on a trip at a moment's notice, big enough to hold everything but the neighbour's dog

Capricorn - strictly structured, traditional, conservative in colour.

Aquarius - Something interesting and out of the ordinary.

Pisces - Soft, pretty a bit whimsical with little thought of practicality.


Alex said...

Wait a sec. . .you forgot the contents:
Aries: pep pills
Taurus: food!
Gemini: books and at least two mobile phones
Cancer: pots of yogurt or pepto bismol (for their dodgy tummies)
Leo: hair brushes
Virgo: lists! organisers!
Libra: party packs for later
scorpio: have a guess (condoms, etc)
Sag: plane tickets, maybe a hymnal
Capricorn: work manuels
Aquarius: all sorts of techno gadgets
Pisces: bottle of gin

Wisewebwoman said...

I love your bag, T. and I must say my favourite is the Virgo one shown and not the Leo. I travel with a very organized Kipling knapsack which is very sturdy and pockety.

Twilight said...

Alex ~~~ Hi there!
LOL! Ah yes, the contents! Very inportant, and telling. :-) Thanks for the list.

In my younger days it was a family joke how much I carried around every day in my handbag. I just had to be ready for all eventualities you see. ;-)

Twilight said...

WWW ~~~ Ah well - you have Mercury and Venus in Virgo, so that's not surprising. I'm a disorganised organiser myself, where handbag contents are concerned - I know it's all there somewhere, so give it a good churn over 'til what I need surfaces. ;-)

Rossa said...

Definitely love the Aquarius bag as it is one of my favourite colours, that turquoise blue. Others are purple and cerise pink which as you can imagine on a redhead are......'nough said!

My bags have got smaller as I've got older as I used to carry everything but the kitchen sink in my bag. Now try to buy small so I don't have to rummage around for my door keys particularly on a cold winters day like today. Yes, old Blighty is getting a cold winter's chill from Scandinavia at the moment.

Have a great Xmas, Twilight and I look forward to reading more of your insightful and witty posts next year.


PS Wogan will be taking over the 11am-1pm Sunday morning slot on Radio 2 in February. Used to be Michael Parkinson's slot (another old timer!) currently hosted by Michael Ball.

Twilight said...

Rossa ~~~ Hi!

I use smaller handbags these days, like you - and my shoulder thanks me! ;-)

Thanks for the good wishes, which I echo back to you. Hope you have a happy, healthy Christmas and good 2010. We're having a colder than usual December here too, but mainly clear and bright, so not bad.

Thanks also for the hint about Terry's new show. That'll be a future Sunday treat for sure. :-)

Candela said...

I bought a Longchamp Le Pliage earlier this month. I guess it's a perfect amalgam of my Sun Libra, Moon Capricorn and Virgo Ascendant bags. Good quality (well, it's nylon, but still well made)for Libra, folding, yet quite conservatively structured and holds just about everything I need. It takes some time to find anything there, though.;-D

My ultimate dream bags would be a Mulberry Baywater (just saw a girl with one today, perfect) for the day and a black leather Chanel 2.55 for the night. I think both would qualify as Earth / Capricorn bags.

Twilight said...

Candela ~~~ Hi! Ooh! you're a real bag fancier! Good!

I wasnt familiar with the styles you listed but looked them up using Google. Yes, very good choices astrologically (Lib/Cap/Virg), and style-wise.

My dream bags are almost always Italian - very, very soft leather and mostly milky cocoa brown. I had my dream bag once, but lost it in a fire - never quite got over that!