Wednesday, September 23, 2009


As we move on past the autumnal equinox, and into the zodiac sign of Libra, I find myself pondering, once again, that I can never really get a grip on this sign and its supposed attributes. Astrologers usually give Libra a good write-up. Adjectives such as charming, diplomatic, tactful, courteous, agreeable, even-tempered, artistic, refined are used. The worst I've ever seen in a description of characteristics attributed to Libra is "indecisive". I do often use the same adjectives myself when writing about Libra in a natal chart, assuming that my own views of Libra, which are rather more jaundiced, must be peculiarly skewed.

Libra is one of three Air signs in the zodiac, Gemini and Aquarius being the other two. Having Sun in Aquarius myself, on paper I'm supposed to get along famously with Sun Librans and Geminians. It does usually work with Sun Gemini folk - I seem to immediately take to these characters. With Sun Libra folks it's not always so easy after a possible initial attraction. The sign is one of two ruled by Venus, planet of the arts, the other being Taurus, the Earthy face of Venus.

My mother had Sun in Libra (28 September), and we fought - a lot. I loved her though, and admired many of her characteristics. She was the hardest worker I've ever known (apart from my Dad), she was the driving force in their aim to become self-employed and remain so, which they did, with reasonable success. My Dad had the skill, my mother had the drive. She loved a good time, loved to have a few drinks; loved new clothes and shopping (that's probably a Libran trait), was always generous to her only daughter right to the end, but also highly critical which didn't go down too well with ultra-sensitive yours truly. My mother could accurately be described as domineering - though it was with the best possible intentions. You don't try to dominate an Aquarius Sun with Aries Moon though....not if you're wise! I have to remind myself here that Aries is Libra's opposite sign, and that we all tend to reflect a little of our opposite. My Sun Aquarius Dad (without Aries Moon) was happy to be dominated, loved it, in fact, and loved my mother deeply until death parted them and devastated my Mum, and me.

We grew much closer after Dad died, and yet there was still trouble brewing because my late partner and my Mum fought like cat and dog, with me as "pig-in-the-middle". I loved them both; having to referee their bouts tore me up. They did, thankfully, call a truce in the last few years of Mum's life.

(There are 60 years between the two photographs of Mum, the second was taken during the last of many Christmas holidays spent together, just 20 months before her death.)

My only other close encounter with a Sun Libran was with my first husband (born 27 September). The marriage, which also took place when the Sun was in Libra, was disastrous, a huge mistake. Whereas Aquarius/Libra had worked so well for 55 years, for my parents, in my own case it was a catastrophe. We separated after a couple of on-off years, and I vowed to never marry again, so disillusioned had I become. Divorce was painfully slow because he disappeared without trace (probably to his native Italy) and the law being what it was in those days, I had to wait - I think it was 7 years - for court proceedings to begin. I prefer to draw a veil over this part of my life, it has no doubt left a nasty taste of Libran flavour in my subconscious mind. I cannot bring myself to write about the first husband - he's best forgotten.

So.....I think what the above experiences prove is what I try to emphasise each time I write about a zodiac sign. There's really no such creature as "A Libran", "An Aquarian", "A Virgoan" etc. etc. The whole natal chart has to be considered, and there'd have to be billions and billions and billions of labels if every individual could wear one.

Looking at my mother's natal chart again, I feel perhaps the snags that arose between us might relate to her Saturn at 15 Cancer which is on my ascendant - though the astrologer who recified my chart said the degree could vary a bit - in which case Mum also had Mars at 24 Cancer and Pluto at 3Cancer - all three of these planets can be on the antagonistic side. As my mother almost died when I was born, this could have some relevance. The rest of her chart, apart perhaps from Mercury at 0 Scorpio, isn't all that antagonistic to mine.

Just because the Sun lies in a certain zodiac sign at one's time of birth doesn't ensure that the whole blueprint of that sign's characteristics will be imprinted. The rest of the birth chart will modify Libran characteristics, sometimes so much that classic Libran traits become practically unrecognisable. How one's own natal chart relates to that of another is also a big point to keep in mind. With regard to how one might view a Libra-heavy individual: "one man's charming diplomat is another man's pain in the arse". (Winking).

Using the term "Libran" is shorthand only, it's useful but as with all other Sun sign descriptions, ought to be read with flashing disclaimers!


Wisewebwoman said...

Gosh she was glamourous, T. And I love the last pic with her bottle of cheer.
Do we ever understand our parents I wonder?
Always so many lingering unanswered questions. I was lucky in that my dad's sister answered a lot of mine before she died. it clarified him considerably.
I'm sorry to hear about first husband. A tortured soul. Sometimes we don't recognise them and know enough to run quickly in the opposite direction.

anthonynorth said...

Understanding parents - a difficult one. I think I began to understand mine when they were no longer here. The understanding came when I was one myself - and I'm certain my kids don't understand me. Well, until they become parents ...
I guess we're not supposed to really know.

Twilight said...

WWW ~~~ So true! Maturity brings understanding in some cases, and the realisation that nobody is perfect in every role, but everybody (or most of 'em) are near perfect in other roles.

My Mum had had issues with her father (it was not abuse) but her sister had been his very obvious favourite. There was trouble between them, and jealousy between the sisters, which could have hurt my mother in deep ways at a young age. In maturity, all three came more to their senses, before any of them died.

Twilight said...

AnthonyNorth ~~~ Yes, perhaps it's a conundrum we are presented with as part of our development. We don't all have to endure this, but perhaps those who don't have parent problems find difficult factors elsewhere in life. :-)