Monday, September 07, 2009


I'm not a great fan of self-help books or articles explaining better ways to look at life and its problems. Even so, I do still glance at such pieces from time to time, to discover whether anyone has hit on a new idea - one which satisfies me and my astrological makeup.

Astrology is a self-help tool in itself - or it can be used as such. In my travels through the net I came across an unfamiliar astrology site the other day. It's actually called Self Help Astrology. I especially admired the 'basics of astrology' pages, and for any passing reader who hasn't yet mastered the natal chart and its secrets, Phil Bowler gives a clear and simple rundown.

As for self-help in general, while I appreciate that the oft-given advice to "let it go", "don't resist", etc. may be helpful to some people, there's something within me which resists the advice not to resist. Perhaps the problem's source is my Sun in Aquarius & Moon in Aries: being told what to do for this combination is a no-no. It certainly seems as though my softer, more biddable, side led by Jupiter in Pisces and natal Cancer rising get shouted down quite easily, if not by the Aquarius/Aries combination, then certainly by Mars in Scorpio. This is not to say, however, that I'm not a pacifist - I am, and I absolutely hate guns. Non-violent resistance and speaking out when appropriate, is what I have in mind, as against ignoring wrongs, letting stuff wash over you, letting it be, or being a doormat etc.

If everybody had always stood by and "let it be", didn't resist, where would the world be now? This is the one thought I cling to to convince me I'm not wrong. Slavery would still be an accepted way of life, women would still be chattels with no vote, workers would have no rights.

In the interests of balance, though, I'm posting a couple of links to recent articles I found to be good - of their type, along with brief snippets. I'll keep in mind the advice offered; maybe passing readers will find the articles useful.

Judith Parker Harris's "The United States of Anger"

1) How many times have you had to swallow a difference of opinion only to feel it knot up in the pit of your stomach?
2) Have you ever had intense pain in your neck and shoulders just before or right after an argument?
3) Do you recall holding in frustration, anger, and resentment all day only to find yourself losing it later on with a family member or close friend? Stress causes 54% of Americans to fight with people close to them.
There isn't much that unites us these days except that a lot of us are really angry. We've got liberal vs. conservative, choice vs. life, young vs. old, rich vs. poor, male s. female, My God vs. your God. Why so angry? Maybe it is because everyone's feeling out of control about everything. Try substituting consciousness for control. Listen to what is coming out of your mouth and then decide who's running this show?

And Dr. Cara Barker's
Learning To Go With The Flow: What Ted Kennedy, Michael Jackson, And The Buddha Have To Teach Us About Resistance
I am, however, a believer that the news contains tidbits that we can use, if, that is, we want to do better than yesterday, and, dare I say it, have a better time.
Today's Remnant of News to Use. Let's take a gander at today's news shipment. In one column, we have commentary about Edward Kennedy's passing, burial, legacy. In another, there's continuing speculation about Michael Jackson's homicide, right next to predictions regarding this bugaboo healthcare reform debate. The list goes on. Throughout each story there is, however a common theme: resistance. Stories present one position, as though it were the gospel, unwavering, static. What is it that makes resistance to 'what is' so commonplace? What price tag do we pay for it?
"What we humans are unaware of in our moment-to-moment existence is a constant, incessant resistance to life...We are displaced people wandering aimlessly in the desert of our minds...Resistance keeps us in a constant state of anxiety, and spiritual, mental, physical, financial and material impoverishment...." - Dr. Hew Len


Wisewebwoman said...

Enlightening post, T. I try to let things flow around me but now and again spew forth, blogs are such a good outlet for rattling the chains of righteous anger.
Resistence is futile as some have it.
There are many layers to futility, I suspect.

Twilight said...

WWW ~~~ Yes, the occasional blog rant does relieve tensions.

I think the internet itself though is responsible for much inner tension for mortals like myself.
In the past I wouldn't have been aware of nearly as much conflict as I am nowadays.

So, in a way the net is both part of the problem and part of the solution.

analysa said...

When a person is against something, this usually means that, by the same token, he or she is “for” the opposite. Thus people are for peace and against war, for the good and against the bad. They overlook the fact that all these concepts are pairs, and each pair forms an inseparable unity which no human being can put asunder. If I refuse to breathe out I can no longer breathe in. If I take away the negative pole of a magnet the positive pole disappears as well. In the same way peace determines war, good enforces bad, and bad fertilizes good. Thus Mephistopheles declares in Goethe´s Faust: “I am a part of that power which always wills the bad and always works the good”. To acknowledge reality merely means to acknowledge the right of all things to exist. - Dethlefesen

Opposites complete each other to create oneness.

Have a safe and enjoyable trip.

Twilight said...

analysa ~~~ hi there!

Oh - you've left me something to think about on our journey! Many thanks, I'll enjoy pondering on what you've said.

And thanks for the good wishes too