Thursday, July 23, 2020

Another Update

As far as I know, or have understood to date, these are treatments coming up ASAP. I hope this post will help straighten out my own muddled head - apologies should it turn out to be fairly un-readable, un-inteligible, un-interesting, or any other 'uns' available!

Targeted therapies for liver lesions and progressed bone issues are being organised - will know more about the former in around ten days. No idea as yet, oncologist not very forthcoming - probably has to get the OK from somebody or other.

Targeted therapy for further metastasis to bones will be a bone medication to be given every 3 months, by injection (Xgeva). This I do not relish, but neither do I relish a fracture of spine or rib! Horrendous side effects, including possible damage to jaw bone. Before agreeing to this medication I insisted on seeing my dentist - did so on Tuesday. The docs prefer patients who are about to use this med. to have any necessary dental work done before beginning treatment. lovely dentist put my mind (reasonably) at rest about the jaw issue which I worried about a lot, due to the "clicky" jaw , right-hand side I already have. He also confirmed that there are no tooth issues to deal with. He recommended that I go ahead with the medication, as far as any dental matters are concerned. An appointment now has to be made for the first injection. First appointment has to be at a main Cancer Center, in a bigger town, half an hour's drive away; any injections thereafter will be done in our local Cancer Center.

Then there's an MRI to be done (sedated) tomorrow (Friday 24 July). This is for radiation planning I think, to expand on results in PET scan.

I shall not see either my oncologist or my radiologist until 5 August. Stuff about radiation, and other bone treatment will then be discussed with benefit of MRI results, which they will need. They've agreed that I can have a sedated MRI because I'll not be able to lie flat for an hour in the machine, due to increased back pain. With the knowledge, by 5 August, that I've had my first Xgeva injection, and with the MRI results, the docs should be in a position to plan ahead in more detail. I guess I shall learn about the liver treatment on 5 August too.

Beyond this, all is mystery.

My pain is now considerably worse than it has ever been since this health saga began. Pain pills aren't working as efficiently - or so it seems. I'm suffering from awful nausea, "gagging" and complete loss of appetite, practically living on Boost. Trying to find something in medical marijuana that might help.


Marmite said...

Sounds bleak. I'm so glad you're sharing your ongoing prognosis with us, as I wonder about you so often. You have found yourself in the lead of a weird melodrama unfolding in the midst of the Trump and covid pandemics.
My brother-in-law was in a near-fatal accident several years ago and smokes ganja for pain. He smokes a pinch (two puffs) two/three times a day. He says inhaling is the only method of consumption that alleviates his neuropathy.
Ask one of your doctors if you can have a RX for Megestrol acetate to stimulate appetite and ask soon - don't wait to Aug 5 - it will help several other issues, too.
Much love to you, Twilight!

Wisewebwoman said...

Thanks for the update T, lawdie knows how much energy it cost you. It is devastating to have so many issues going on at the same time, and all the bits and pieces of dental and nausea et al to worry about also. A huge stress.

Maybe trying Marmite's suggestion above will help. I know my twice daily CBD oil helps me a lot with pain.

Just know we're here in spirit for you. Pain envelops everything. So challenging.

Big gentle hug.

R J Adams said...

Oh, Twilight, it's just awful you have to go through this. My own wife has been through the mill in America also. When she first arrived she began with serious back pain. It was later diagnosed as osteoporosis of the lower spine. She's been in agony with it. They pumped the affected vertebrae full of a substance supposed to open up the collapsed parts but it's slow to show any result. It seems the chemotherapy chemicals are to blame for it. Thankfully, her cancer has not reappeared as yet, but she's gone from being the fine looking woman I know and love to a frail, bent-over old lady in a matter of a few months. I guess we're all just wearing out. My heart goes out to you and AnyJazz. Much love to you both.

Sackerson said...

Nausea: tried ginger tea as a stomach settler? Also, doe your doctor recommend anything to counter nausea/vomiting e.g. what in the UK we know by the brand name of Buccastem (Prochlorperazine)?

Anonymous said...

True story for your interest:
Many years ago I became acquainted with a mid-80 year-old, female proprietor of one of the first health food stores ever. She had been diagnosed with untreatable 'female' cancer decades prior. No hope and very ill, she said, until she met with an herbalist out of desperation. He recommended she consume numerous pinches of red dulse flakes every day. Voila, she was cured.

I mention this because one of today's headlines regarding sulfated polysaccharides from seaweed as more effective than remesidivr for COVID-19:

Red dulse (Palmaria palmata) is rich in sulfated polysaccharides called xylan:

Do a search 'sulfated polysaccharides for breast cancer'.


Twilight said...

Marmite, Wisewebwoman, RJ Adams, Sackerson, Anonymous ~

Thank you all so much for your comments, suggestions and support. I should really reply individually, but pain is not helping my concentration so...I know you will understand.

I will investigate all your suggestions, suggest some to the oncologist. If I don't feel any better this week, not sure I can do what they'll want me to do. Wheel chair might help, but stronger pain medication would help much more.

I had the MRI on Friday afternoon. I was sedated (as arranged due to my back issues) - very weird sedation, weird dreams! Still, it got done. I was at the radiology department from 12 45pm until almost 4pm, so Himself had lots of reading time.

Willow said...

I'm so sorry to hear this, Twilight! Your astrological offerings over the years have been superb. Thank-you so much for your work. It is a great addition to the astrological blogosphere.

I'm not usually one to offer unsolicited suggestions, so forgive me, but one product I've been using recently is modified citrus pectin. It has been shown to greatly assist detoxification, especially certain heavy metals. I've also seen research showing that it may hinder the development of cancer.

This is the brand I use. There are some studies posted here:

The other thing I've seen people tout for cancer treatment is good old fashioned baking soda. It alkalizes the body and apparently, some have seen benefit with cancers.

I very much hope you are victorious in this fight! All the best to you.

Willow's Web Astrology

Twilight said...

Willow ~ Hi! You are too kind - many thanks for your remarks about astrology. Thanks for the links -I will investigate them all.

OnlineBlackMagicSpecialist said...

Good stuff! The kind of message we need to send us out and about with a passion. Thank you.

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