Monday, October 14, 2019

Dribs and Drabs

I don't have much news right now, so a few links to recent internet items I enjoyed:

As well as loving the sight of a wee bear's antics (Who's been playing on my staircase?") I learned a new word: 'parkour'. For anyone else who is as out of the modern word loop as I am, here's some information about that word:

Here's the article with a video included.

Bear Family Breaks Into Home And Cub Parkours Down The Staircase

A piece from Ian Welsh's blog might be of use to some of us - or even to all of us, in due course when, and if, things suddenly go haywire. (A general link to all of Ian Welsh's blog pages is among assorted links in the sidebar.)


The Sartorialist has been a daily stop on my internet wanderings for many years. Recently the blog's presentation style has changed. Now we can see beaucoup street fashion instead of just one or two pieces of the master photographer's work per day. Commenting is no longer available on the blog page, but probably remains available on other parts of the net, into which I do not venture (Facebook, Instagram and suchlike).

Just a peek at the slippers I had begun knitting at the time of my previous post. They are not particularly stylish, but they are warm and good enough for keeping the tootsies comfortable while watching TV on a winter evening. Decoration will be changed when I can find something better - or try to make a couple of pom-poms to attach.


LB said...

Good job, Twilight. Your slippers look cozy, perfect couch-wear for watching TV or reading.

Speaking of TV, did you ever watch the BBC series, "Call the Midwife"? My husband and I have been enjoying it for a while now.

What will you knit next?

Twilight said...

LB ~ Thanks LB! :) Next up on the knitting scene? For now I'm using a skein of pretty pinks "ombre" many shaded yarn I had bought for something else then decided to abandon it. I'm using it for another, lighter weight, scarf in a simple pattern, so that I can just pick it up and knit without having to refer constantly to pattern instructions. I shall keep an eye out to find a pattern for something more complex - perhaps on a circular needle, soon.

Re TV - yes we did watch several episodes of "Call the Midwife" but it was several years ago. We didn't finish what was available at the time on - I think Netflix - and now we've cancelled Netflix. I bought a year's subscription to Acorn TV a few months ago (mainly British TV shows, old and newer) so we're enjoying that, as well as a few movies on Amazon Prime when we can find any decent ones (there's some awful rubbish around!) We like "Doc Martin" which is on TV again now I think (PBS) and is also available on Acorn, a day or two after the TV showing. I'm not usually too keen on medical series, but this one can be fun with many light moments.

R J Adams said...

Hi Twilight, nice slippers! Doc Martin has just returned with a new series in the UK - series 9, I think. It was a bit of a surprise as Martin Clunes said he wouldn't do another after series 8. I don't know if you're getting the latest one over there yet.
Best wishes to you both

Twilight said...

RJ Adams ~ Thanks RJ! :) I'm not sure whether the newest season of Doc Martin is on regular TV here, but we get to see it via Acorn TV a couple of days after it has been aired (not sure if that is just in the UK or here as well). We watched episode 3 of the new season via Acorn TV last evening. We're also watching the full run of all seasons of that old classic "Rumpole of the Bailey" (1970s to 1990s) - right from the first 1970s episode (via Acorn TV). I love it - and it doesn't seem all that dated to me.

Warm wishes to you and to Mrs RJ.