Tuesday, July 04, 2017

"I wonder what went wrong..."

I've sometimes offered a "Happy birthday USA!" type of greeting on 4 July in years past, but this year Americans, life and breath of the USA, seem anything but happy; such a greeting would be akin to flogging a dead horse.

Although I'm a US Citizen myself, I guess I'm not, and can never be, at heart "An American". I do love the land itself though, but not much of what goes on within it.

There's no real political left in the USA. It's out of balance. Both Democrats and Republicans dance to the tune of the corporations, one does a tango the other a waltz, but both dance for beaucoup dimes. A proper political left is needed, to provide balance, and support for the working class. Yet because corporations own the media and can manipulate and brainwash those Americans not deeply into politics, the rise of any strong 3rd party has become impossible.

Paul Simon's classic beautifully rendered by jazz singer Kurt Elling:

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