Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Back home...

We arrived home yesterday afternoon after a strange but very enjoyable trip which entailed retracing our steps/wheels after the first 5 days, then setting out again, due to unforeseen circumstance - long story - "another fine mess I got us into" kind of circumstance. Anyway, we spent several days in central Nebraska, where the wind really was sweeping down the plain - and much more so than in Oklahoma where it has long been reputed, in song, to do just that. It was a flippin' cold wind too!

On the way back south we stopped off at what is said to be the central point of the 48 contiguous states, in Lebanon, Kansas. However, I think there are claims elsewhere to this central position.

Nearer to home, in a little town called Watonga, Oklahoma yesterday morning we spotted this, which made me chuckle:

Hmm - I wondered if the "Ye Olde" part meant that on entering, the customer is handed a washboard and scrubbing brush, then directed to a row of wash tubs. Or maybe, taken through to a back door leading to a river, where other customers on the river's bank are busy bashing their dirty undies against rocks.


Wisewebwoman said...

I would have definitely checked that laundromat out😊

Sounds like an adventuresome trip.


Twilight said...

Wisewebwoman ~ LOL - yes! A Ye Olde Wash Day would certainly be a change from sitting watching one's knickers tumbling around in a modern laudrette dryer. :-)

The trip turned out well, though not exactly as planned. Those kinds are often the best kinds. :-)