Thursday, February 23, 2017

Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster, National Security Adviser.

President Trump this week named Army Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster as his new national security adviser, replacing Michael Flynn.

A look at the natal chart of the new national security adviser, with a little information as to how this gentleman is seen by another who knows him well - and how the Lt.General's chart links to the president's own.

From a piece at
by Christopher Woolf:

“H.R. is the most bull-headed, nicest, smartest, most ego-free person I think I have ever met,” says retired Army Col. John Nagl, who has known and worked with McMaster for more than 20 years.

“He is absolutely dedicated to taking care of America’s national interests,” adds Nagl. “Razor-sharp, and actually every once in a while even a little bit funny.”

As a soldier, Nagl says McMaster is the most demanding trainer of forces, and “the best implementer of both tactics and strategy, and the best military leader, I think, of his generation.”

Like McMaster, Nagl is a scholar, with a PhD. Together they helped reinvent the military’s counter-insurgency doctrine in 2006 and 2007, using techniques McMaster pioneered in Iraq's Tal Afar district with the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment in 2004. In addition to outstanding service in Iraq and Afghanistan, McMaster was awarded a silver star for gallantry and leadership during one of the largest tank battles since World War II, in the Gulf War in 1991.

But he has a reputation as a maverick..........

“The president has chosen a man who is absolutely unafraid to go toe-to-toe with anybody, including the president of the United States,” says Nagl. He will "fight absolutely tooth and nail for what he believes is right.”

As a serving soldier, Nagl expects McMaster to salute the president and execute his decisions to the best of his abilities. “But I tell you, I think the President is going to have a hard time convincing H.R. that he’s wrong.” .....

“He’s not ideological,” adds Nagl. “He understands, for instance, that while we are facing threat in radical Islamic extremism, the Islamic world is not our enemy.”

However, the president’s chief strategist, Steve Bannon, does see the world in ideological terms. Nagl does not disagree with the idea that McMaster may come into conflict with Bannon.

“I’d buy tickets to watch that fight,” he says.

Herbert Raymond McMaster born on July 24, 1962 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Chart set for 12 noon as no time of birth is available.

McMaster's Fixed Leo Sun and almost certain Taurus Moon (degree unknown without time of birth) indicates a strong-minded, tenacious, determined and at times stubborn nature, and that's brought out in the excerpts above. "Maverick" mentioned above is, I'd bet, related to Saturn in Aquarius in harmonious trine to Mars in Gemini. Saturn in Aquarius (its traditional sign of rulership) is also opposing Sun in its sign of rulership, Leo. What that adds, I suspect, is a certain intensity in relation to, yet a balancing of, needs of self with needs of others.

Venus conjunct Pluto in Virgo opposite Jupiter conjunct Chiron in Pisces...hmm? Another balancing act, a strange one: soft, sweet Venus joined with hard, dark Pluto balanced by wounded healer Chiron and expansive optimistic Jupiter. Make of that what you will!

There's more, but this is a brief, Twilight's eye view.

What particularly interested me to discover here was how, or whether, McMaster's and Trump's charts correlate at all.
 President Trump's natal chart

First I noticed that McMaster's Uranus at 29 Leo is tightly conjunct Donald Trump's ascendant degree and Regulus (Fixed Star); it's also conjunct Trump's natal Mars at 26 Leo.

Second: McMaster's natal Mercury is conjunct Trump's Venus/Saturn conjunction in Cancer.

Most important difference, between these two characters, as I see it, is that President Trump has Mutable Sun and Moon, whereas McMaster has Fixed Sun and Moon. McMaster is steadfast and determined, Trump is changeable, flexible, ultra-communcative. It's mainly the links in late Leo that can draw them McMaster's somewhat softer Mercury will understand Trump's softer, Cancerian side.

 Lt.Gen. McMaster and wife Katie host a Holiday party at Fort Benning Dec. 2016 Photo here by Ashley Cross/MCoE PAO


R J Adams said...

One of my most read textbooks of late is 'America's Wars For The Greater Middle East' by Andrew Bacevich. He is generally scathing of the military leaders America has produced over the last forty years, including David Petraeus, of whom he supplies the anecdote:

"As army Lieutenant General Daniel Bolger, a peer but not a fan, put it, Petraeus was a charter member of the "AAA Club," consisting of "Aides, Adjutants, and Assholes" who collectively constituted a "careerist self-promotion society that hung out near military throne rooms."

Bacevich has nothing but good things to say about H R McMaster. While most of the US military were intent on kicking down doors and dragging innocent Iraqis off to internment camps, McMaster was building bridges with the local tribes and gaining their confidence and friendship.
I, too, would love a ringside seat when he and Bannon get at it!

Twilight said...

RJ Adams ~ That's good to know, RJ, thank you!
Bannon vs McMaster ? LOL! Something like this?

(My late partner was somewhere in there, btw.)