Tuesday, January 31, 2017

WORDS....newly normalis(z)ed

We humans surely have a copycat gene among the many strands of our DNA. Perhaps, as that word indicates, a strand of our DNA does have feline origins. Kittens can be seen watching their mother, learning by copying from her actions. Our human copycat tendencies show through frequently, for instance in fashion ("ooooh -must have some of those tight trousers like so-and-so was wearing!") They show also in our choices of words. Words, like clothing styles, go through cycles of being "in" and being "out".

Lately I've been noticing more use of the word normalise (normalize in USA spelling). What has brought the word normalise out of the closet this time around is Donald Trump's ascent to the US presidency.

Pearl clutching (another descriptive brought out of the closet lately) Clintonites and a few others are, they love to tell us, horrified whenever it appears that Trump's presidency is being normalised - for in their eyes he's not a normal president; this is not a normal situation; and what he may, or may not do in coming years ought really to be seen as totally abnormal.

Another newly popular term, arising from similar background, but mainly used by those of rather different political persuasion: virtue signalling. When the pearl clutchers clutch their pearls, they are signalling the high morals to which they aspire - so much higher than...well... yours, whoever you may be!


R J Adams said...

They all sound like the gurglings of the "pseudo-intellectual" set. You know the sort - went to university, got a degree in artyfartyology, and never did a proper day's work in their lives. They probably end up in politics. Now there's a good word: artyfartyology. I bet Donald Trump's got a degree in that somewhere. Probably from Trump University.
Cute kittens. I'm not sure they'd like the idea of sharing their DNA with us, though. ;-)

Twilight said...

RJ Adams ~ Ssshhhh! RJ - ne'er a bad word must be said about the hallowed college/university educated set! If y'ain't one of 'em here, yer deplorable!

Yes, The Donald surely has a distinction in artyfartyology (LOL!) Putting the farty part to good use by the hour, he is. Talk about hitting the ground running - he's almost meeting himself coming back!

Those kittens know the score - they're going to be in charge from day one; we might
have borrowed a single DNA strand, but they have 'em all! :-)