Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Bernie Endorsed Hillary

It had to happen, it was always going to happen, in spite of what many of Bernie's supporters were suggesting.

Bernie Sanders declared, from very early in his campaign that, should he be the loser he would support the Democratic nominee. He has held out from doing so for as long as he could, while attempting to have some of his campaign issues included in the party platform (wobbly though that platform may prove to be, in time), and to edge Hillary Clinton leftward in her stances.

I watched the whole joint Hillary/Bernie campaign speeches from New Hampshire this morning, felt for him, and for his legion of supporters.

I hope some benefit accrues to Bernie for his efforts on behalf of the Democrats, I hope he will attain some prominent position in the next administration - he certainly deserves it. I shall always remain a fan, as I had been for years, long before the 2016 campaign began. I shall continue to trust his judgment and integrity, whatever happens from now on.

Hillary Clinton's speech was fair to Bernie, and for that much I'm happy.


LorrieU said...

You are far kinder than I. I cannot accept Clinton as the legitimate elected candidate. Too much voter suppression and irregularities, pending unsettled lawsuits, and a proven liar and war hawk makes it impossible to turn on a dime and support her. We are supposed to now "fall in line" because of some empty promises by someone who can't be trusted? I as a person of spiritual integrity cannot vote for or support someone out of fear! I will not be manipulated by establishment politicians when I know the truth. I will follow my heart and vote wherever that leads me.

Twilight said...

LorrieU ~ Hi there! I shall probably not vote for Hillary Clinton myself - I haven't yet decided, at the moment I'm for leaving the presidential box on the ballot empty, as nobody on offer (Clinton or Trump) in OK fits my requirements. It's a long time until November, I intend to watch her actions and attitudes until then.

I'm for supporting Bernie in the Senate and in all of his efforts from now on. I will not turn against him for something he had to do, probably under some veiled threat. He had intended making his endorsement at the convention - something changed his mind.

I cannot suddenly change my feelings about Bernie, his integrity, and his judgment on the right thing to do - that would make me as much of a sellout as some former Bernie supporters, who have been posting all over the net today, are describing him. To my mind, they are the sell-outs and know nothing of true loyalty.

Bernie hasn't asked us to vote for Clinton - he said weeks ago that it is not up to him, it is up to Clinton to persuade us. If she doesn't do so...so be it. It'll be on her if we have a Trump presidency coming up next.