Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Dem Debate #1


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I thought that Bernie Sanders did an excellent job, and was well appreciated by the audience.

Hillary Clinton was more practiced and polished - obviously, she's done this many times before, Bernie hasn't.

The other three remain "also rans" to my mind. O'Malley kept making Maryland sound more like wonderland, but he spoke well. Maybe a good VP for someone. Jim Webb would be a good Sec. of State. Chafee - not sure about, didn't seem quite strong enough, though a nice guy.

The winner ? It depends who one supported beforehand. I doubt anyone changed their mind on this showing. I found it an interesting and pleasant enough two and a half hours.

Any other conclusions?


Sonny G said...

I was happy with my choice and her performance.

I too don't think these debates will change anyone's mind.

Unlike the repubs- at least it wasn't 2 hours of attacking each other.

mike said...

Without cable, I was stuck viewing CNN's online snippets and FOX' live blog...tedious, as CNN's video updates were taxing my computer's downloading ability and FOX' continual updates were reductions similar to texting. I did see portions on the 10 PM news and later on Nightline. Bernie's response to Hillary's email debacle was the constant replay.

The GOP has managed to create a new version of presidential hopefuls debating in a reality-programming format, with raucous entertainment typical of the "Housewives of X" genre. The American TV viewer is drawn to reality programming, always anticipating an insult, take-down, or nefarious deceit. The respectful containment of the Democratic debates seemed like yesterday's news...predigested and palatable...not too spicy or greasy.

I wasn't impressed with the three low-rung contenders. It's definitely between Hillary and Bernie. Bernie has my vote, but I have minimal concern supporting Hillary, should Bernie not become the Democratic challenger. There are many blog posts about Bernie having more monetary support and polling higher than Obama did at this point, when Obama vs Hillary was the buzz in 2007.

Christmas isn't too far away now and the primaries begin shortly after! The political season is soon upon us, forbid...LOL. Should be interesting to see how the cookie crumbles one year from today.

Sonny G said...

I agree with you Mike, concerning the differences of the debates. The dems had a serious politic discussion , while the repubs had a circus with the majority of animal acts totally out of control:)
The repub debate was a reality show best named- Train Wreck and why we love watching them.

Twilight said...

Sonny ~ The next debate (Nov 14) could separate Hillary and Bernie more clearly. He'll have a better feel of a debate platform he's never experienced before, and will have had time to apply a bit of spit and polish to his game.

I'm interested to see the results of polls which will be appearing during the next few days.

Twilight said...

mike ~ Shucks - that's a pity - I can imagine how frustrating it must have been for you!
I hadn't watched any TV coverage beforehand at all - never do these days, so had no idea what TV pundits had been saying - they're corporate media stooges anyway. Didn't watch any after-debate wrangles either - went straight to "The X-Files" on Netflix. :-)

Bernie enlivened the audience on several occasions - so did Hillary, but I sensed a tad more excitement and enthusiasm for Bernie (but I would, wouldn't I?)

I don't think Biden will enter the race now - I suspect he was waiting to see whether Hillary could hold her own - she did - for now.

DC said...

Bernie with Nader as V.P. would shake things up....just a thought....

Twilight said...

DC ~ Oh yes - wouldn't that be something though!! Or even more of a slam-dunk: Sanders/Warren!