Thursday, March 05, 2015

Cartoon Appreciation

I like the cartoons by John Atkinson at a blog called Wrong Hands - they have a flavour and style I enjoy, but don't find too often. Three examples, from previous years follow - but do, please, go spend a few minutes trawling through current and older offerings - lots of good stuff there.


mike said...

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From Mayo:
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mike (again) said...

A special gift these cartoonists possess and share with us. Atkinson is wry and dry! I like his "spoilers"..."Pictogrammar" is LOL, too. I quickly searched for DOB, but nothing on the net. There's a semblance of Edward Gorey in some of his drawings.

Twilight said...

mike ~ I see what you mean about Edward Gorey - though Gorey's art was more finely detailed and precise, Atkinson's is simple (none the worse for that!)

Spoilers are fun, yes. I like the "anatomy of....." ones too. :-)

LB said...

Funny! This morning I dreamed I'd accepted a new job but was alarmed to discover I'd be typing on an old-fashioned thingamajig ~ more sophisticated than a typewriter but not as sophisticated as the computer I now use.:) We watched the movie, "Disconnect" last night, so maybe that's why.

It reminded me of the movie "Crash" only it centers on technology and how it connects (or disconnects) us:

Maybe you've already seen it?

Twilight said...

LB ~ I thought we'd seen "Disconnect" as I read your comment, but in reading more about it (thanks for link) I don't think we have seen it. These single word movie titles can easily become muddled - I was probably thinking of "Divergent". :-/

We have seen the 2004 "Crash" - good one.

I enjoyed those old steam typewriters - could hammer away at breakneck (or breakfinger) speed, get a nice rhythm going with the tap-tap-tap-tap---slam..ting -(new line)..tap-tap-tap-tap I'm slower on the computer keyboard. :-)

Sonny G said...

Bless you MIKE~! and many thanks.. I know ya wont like me saying this, but dang, you are a Sweetie:))