Thursday, July 17, 2014

Another Air Tragedy

Another air tragedy - and so soon after the still unsolved MH370 mystery. Today's crash also involved Malaysian Airlines.

A Malaysian airliner reportedly with 295 people on board has crashed in Ukraine near the Russian border, on a flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. It has been reported that it appears to have been shot down by a surface to air missile, possibly mistakenly.

According to a Reuters correspondent: from The Guardian,
Dozens of bodies were scattered around the smouldering wreckage of a passenger jet that crashed in eastern Ukraine on Thursday, a Reuters reporter said.

An emergency services rescue worker said at least 100 bodies had so far been found at the scene, near the village of Grabovo, and that debris from the wreckage was scattered across an area up to about 15km (nine miles) in diameter.

Broken pieces of the wings were marked with blue and red paint – the same colours as the emblem of the Malaysian airline which lost track of a flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur that was carrying almost 300 people.

That website is being updated rapidly.

Thoughts and sincere sympathies go out to relatives and loved ones of passengers and crew of MH17.

Malaysia Airlines report that there were 173 Dutch, 44 Malaysian (including 15 crew and 2 infants),
27 Australian, 12 Indonesian (including 1 infant), 9 United Kingdom, 4 Germany, 4 Belgium, 3 Philippines, 1 New Zealand, and 1 Canadian residents on board.

20 passengers’ nationalities are unknown. There were reportedly some Americans on board who could have boarded with passport other than USA's (dual citizens).


mike said... there a correlation between this latest tragedy and MH371? I would avoid air travel on Malaysian Airlines.

Twilight said...

mike ~ I don't think there's any link except for the unfortunate Airline involved. There might be something astrological I guess.

It does seem like a very odd coincidence - what odds the same Airline would be involved in 2 major crashes within a few months of each other?

Coincidence, and terrible tragedies - both.

Anonymous said...

Sadly ,

Perhaps it's the implied Uranian influence that causes "clusters" of accidents?
- Moving groups of people (Buses, Trains, Planes etc)

In Oct 55 a DC-4 left Denver bound for Salt Lake City but hit a mountain.
In Nov 55 a DC-6 left Denver but exploded enroute.
- Same airline.

In Jun 62 a 707 rejected a takeoff in Paris.
In Jun 62 a 707 hit a hill on approach at Guadeloupe.
- Same airline.

On Mar 5/66 a 707 taxied past the remnants of a DC-8 that was too low on approach the day before.
It then took off and hit turbulance near Mt Fuji.
- Same airport, within 24 hours.

We live in a "safer, more technologically advanced" world now
- but it's all relative I suppose.


Twilight said...

Anonymous (Kidd) ~ Hmmm - not as rare as I'd have expected - thanks for the information. The examples you've quotes form kind of cluster in themselves : all in a just over 10 year span. Let us hope we are not at the start of another such clustering.