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Archaic Astrology ~ Firdar & Cardan's Aphorisms

Ancient astrology, in common with most ancient ideas, retains a certain curious appeal, but the parts of it I've come across accidentally have been pretty hard to take seriously. For instance, I read about Firdar years ago and promptly set it aside as seeming like just another ancient "astrological board game":
Firdar or Alfridaria from glossary here:
Derived from the mixed Arabic and Persian "al firdar", the alfridaria, or alfridaries, are a system of planetary periods of Persian origin first described as far as we know by Abu Mashar. Originally intended for the long term forecasting of historical events, they can also be used in predicting for individual charts.
Nutshell: Different periods of life are associated with different planets which will define the theme prevailing during each of the periods.

From a full explanation by Stephen Birchfield A.M.A. HERE
It will be useful for us to examine this teaching at the source, Abu Ma’shar -
“Each of the seven stars, and the Ascending and Descending Nodes, has certain determinate times, and each star administers to the native in accordance with its proper firdar. The firdar of the Sun, then, is 10 years; of Aphrodite, 8; of Hermes, 13; of the Moon, 9; of Kronos, 11; of Zeus, 12; of Ares, 7; of the Ascending Node, 3; of the Descending Node, 2 – altogether, they are 75.
Another full explanation of Firdar by one of today's well-respected astrologers, Robert Hand, is HERE. Firdar did come up in a 2012 post of my own about 75 year cycles.

Perhaps I should not be so hasty as to cast aside Firdar - it might have some bearing on my pet theory about astrology: that the planets, in their cycles, are simply markers on waves of time, each wave bringing in different cosmic "atmospheres", which can be felt here on Earth, the waves roll on, sometimes criss-crossing, sometimes blending. Best leave Firdar in the "pending" tray!

I found another tid-bit of ancient astrological thought in a book sparsely titled Astrology by Irish poet Louis MacNeice:
Aphorisms of Jerome Cardan (1501-1576), Italian physician and astrologer.

Pronouncements by ancient astrologers tend to be on the gloomy side, too much so to take too seriously. It's always "is" or "will be" rather than "could be" or "likely to be". Still, they're fun to read and consider, and there could be a germ of truth included....perhaps.

Astrodatabank's page and natal chart on Cardan

 Jerome Cardan
Wikipedia page on Cardan

Some Aphorisms of Cardan....

When the Moon is in Scorpio in square of Saturn in Leo or in his opposition when he is in Taurus partilely, the Native rarely has either Wife or Children, but if Saturn be in Aquarius, he will be a mere Woman hater.

Mercury mixing his Beams with Mars, is a great argument of a violent death.

When Venus is with Saturn, and beholds the Lord of the ascendant, the Native is inclinable to Sodomy, or at least shall love old hard-favoured Women, or poor dirty Wenches.

The Moon, full of Light in conjunction with Mars, makes the Native be counted a Fool, but if she be void of light and with Saturn, he is so indeed.

A Woman that has Mars with the Moon is Right, I'll warrant her.

The Moon in Aquarius or Pisces makes the Native not at all acceptable amongst Princes or Grandees.

In Purging, 'tis best that the Moon and Lord of the Ascendant descend and be under the Earth, in vomiting that they Ascend.

Make no new Clothes, nor first put them on when the Moon is in Scorpio, especially if she be full of light and beheld of Mars, for they will be apt to be torn and quickly worn out.

If a Comet appear while a Woman goes with Child, if it be either in the fourth, fifth or eightth month, such Child will prove very prone to anger and quarrels, and if he be of quality, to sedition.

Saturn in fixed signs causes scarcity of Corn, dear years, and the Death of many Men.

When Saturn is in Libra and Jupiter in Cancer, great Changes and Alterations shall happen in the world.

- Jerome Cardan, Seven Segments, 1547, translated by William Lilly, 1676.

I've mentioned MacNeice and his book in a past There are other snips from the book among the archives, accessible by clicking on "Louis MacNeice" in the label cloud in the sidebar.


Anonymous said...

I've read a number of replicated, original astrological texts and it's difficult enough simply interpreting the authors' old-style English, or if in another language, the translation of that old-style, eg, Nostradamus is very difficult to read and nearly impossible to determine the content, which I suppose lends itself to predicting whatever you want...LOL.

In our modern era, most astrologers state to never start new projects during a Mercury retrograde...or purchase anything...expect delays with communications and electronic equipment. Well, that type of problem is as likely to occur to me while Mercury is in forward motion, too. I can't say there is much of a correlation with the anticipated Mercury retrogrades that astrologers hype it to be. But, I'm sure that when Mercury is retrograde, any suspicious activity (or lack) is immediately attributed to the retrograde.

As standardized as astrology is now-a-days, I'm always fascinated with weekly or monthly forecasts. This type of forecasting usually involves all of the planets' placements and aspects and then relates it to one's Sun sign or ascendant. Yet, while largely in a cookie-cutter fashion, there is still tremendous latitude with each astrologers' interpretation of those.

As we've discussed prior, it takes living through these astrological events, then personally evaluating them in retrospect to even begin to get a feel for how those aspects resonate with our own natal charts. There are some astrologers out there that can perceive subtle nuances and accurately put the pieces together, but I'm not one of them. I think my time is better spent listening to and developing my intuition, which tends to prognosticate better than my mind can construct from astrology or other book-learned methods. I do have a fascination with dowsing that I would like to explore and possibly develop, but I haven't yet allowed that activity...I just have a "feeling" that it might work for me.

And much like your comments regarding premature births, the Sun-Saturn-Neptune connection, it is always very helpful when astrological research is performed and disseminated. It seems that there is a lot of research hiding out here in digital land, but it's not in a cohesive library.

Eye of newt to ya...

LB said...

Twilight ~ Good to know. Guess my Aquarius Moon is to blame then for my not being at all acceptable to "Grandees".:) I've had several very close friends with Moon in Pisces. Birds of a feather and all that.

Twilight said...

Anonymous- I think it's mike incognito?
If not apologies and Hi!

I'm in agreement on all counts (for once) ;-)

We come across bits and bobs of research here and there, by trained researchers as well as humble forum members and bloggers. Whether research by trained individuals is more reliable - or less reliable than what's more or less anecdotal is hard to say.

There's a contributor to a couple or more forums I've noticed over the years (many years) who seems to have a feel for atrological research...I wonder if you've ever crossed paths with him? His name, or screen name, is I think, Ray Murphy, I have a feeling he's in Australia, but not sure.

Regarding ancient astrology, as you mentioned, apart from other difficulties relating to culture and eras, there's a danger that much was lost or misinterpreted in translation. More reason to add a good pinch of salt to their pronouncements.

Toe of frog back atcha!

Twilight said...

LB ~ We know for sure that those darn Grandees are not all they're cracked up to be, and are best avoided anyway. :-)

mike (not again!) said...

Geez, Twilight...don't know what happened...coulda sworn I did my name. I'm having problems with my cursor (and other stuff), so maybe the cursor hit anon just prior to publishing. Don't know...LOL...wasn't trying to be sneaky and I didn't catch the anonymous thing until reading your reply.

I'll do a search for Murphy...the name sounds familiar. "Correlation Journal", The Astrological Association Journal of Research in Astrology, appears to be defunct now...their last entries are dated 2012...research must not have sold well.

mike (again) said...

Here's Ray:

Twilight said...

mike (not again!) ~ LOL! I wondered if you were, perhaps, using a computer in an internet cafe, or a different computer anyway. I recognised the style and you mentioned earlier conversations, so I was fairly confident it was you, but not 100%. :-)

Thanks for the links to RM - I shall investigate the threads in the morning.

mike (again) said...

FYI - "The Astrological Henry Miller"

"'What interests me primarily in astrology is its holistic aspect. The man who is whole sees whole, and for him the universe is an ever expanding universe, that is, a universe more infinite to be part of ... Only astrology can reveal this potential reality which is man's kingdom -- or the garden of fulfillment.'

Elsewhere in the forward Miller warned against using astrology as a predictive tool:

'It is not to discover what is going to 'happen' to us, it is not to forestall the blows of fate, that we should look to our horoscopes. A chart, when properly read, should enable one to understand the over-all pattern of one's life.'"

Twilight said...

mike (again) ~ Yes, that's the RM! I hadn't seen that site before - seems quite new, and created by himself. Some good threads to investigate - have read through several, will go back again later. I'll add a link to it in my sidebar.

RM came to mind again the other day when I noticed his name on the forum at Astrodienst. I haven't been around forums for a long time, most are pretty much on life support these days due to the Big F (Facebook) but RM's name had stuck in memory from years back.

Re the Henry Miller article - that's a good one, thanks mike! The chart in the piece is a bit hard to follow so I looked at Miller's chart at I think his Moon/Uranus/Mars in Scorpio trine his Jupiter in Pisces accounts for his astrological interests, don't you?

mike (again) said...

I quickly browsed Murphy's site and it is very interesting. He seems extremely knowledgeable and affable. I'll examine his site in more detail.

Yes, Henry Miller's Jupiter trine Moon-Mars-Uranus would bring on the mystical, particularly with Jupiter in Pisces, 12th house (45* width in the 12th!). Worthy to note that his Mercury is right on the 10th MC...known for his writing and expressing himself. I'm intrigued with his Venus-Saturn trine in the last degree of Earth...he had complex relationships with women.

He was an outspoken war critic and anti-capitalist. His books were banned in many countries for the explicit and sometimes perverse sexual depictions. Most of his writings were thought to be semi-biographical.

Twilight said...

mike (again) ~ I haven't read anything by H. Miller, but he sounds like the next generational evolution of someone like English author John Galsworthy (1867-1933), whose "Forsyte Saga" is, in places, a subtle rant about capitalism, greed and love of property, as well as the gradual rise of women from being classed as chattel to...not exact equality but something nearer to it.

That came to mind because we've begun re-watching our DVD set of the 2002 TV mini-series of the Saga.
Have you seen it (or the 1960s version) or read any of the books? I'm tempted to try to astrologise the characters.

mike (again) said...

I haven't seen the "Forsyte Saga", but I did see "The Forsyte Woman" adapted from part one, "The Man of Property". Very good movie from late 40s or early 50s. Lots of over-the-top, romantic drama! I've seen it several times, usually late night viewing, when they show the oldies-but-goodies. I may have seen various parts of the original BBC series when it aired on PBS here in the states, probably in the early 1970s...I was having my own sagas at that time or busy creating them...LOL.

I've never read any of Miller's books, but I did a quick review of his writings after reading the HuffPo article and there are several that I would like to read...he's on my list for my next visit to Half Price Books.

Twilight said...

mike (again) ~ Ah - I haven't seen "The Forsyte Woman". Best not search for it as I already have two versions of Soames Forsyte in my head, from the 1960s TV version and the 2002 TV version - couldn't deal with a third. :-O
I bought a copy of "Man of Property" - the first of the set of novels by Galsworthy on Ebay today, to see how nearly the TV series gets to the book. If I get on with it well enough I'll carry on with his sequels and other novels. I'm lacking a good engrossing read just now, and I enjoy reading about the period involved, roughly turn of century - though wouldn't have wanted to live in it, it fascinates me, it was Pluto in Gemini, interesting art and writings.