Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Thoughts on Saturnian-Uranian Aqua-Caps

Saturn traditionally ruled both Capricorn and Aquarius, signs which are, unlike any other signs with co-rulers, adjacent in the zodiac. Modern astrology has placed Uranus as ruler of Aquarius, but Saturn's echo remains. The same could be said of other zodiac signs with a modern ruler and second, traditional, co-ruler. Jupiter once ruled Sagittarius and Pisces, but the signs are not adjacent, they are two signs away from one another. Mars used to rule both Aries and Scorpio, signs which are four signs apart. While Pisces retains echoes of Jupiter, and Scorpio retains echoes of Mars, and it's not impossible for personal planets to emphasise those echoes, Mercury will never be found in the co-ruled sign, as often happens in the case of Capricorn and Aquarius. This seems particularly significant.

Astrologer Carl Payne Tobey in his book Astrology Primer for the Millions wrote of similarities and differences between pairs of zodiac signs traditionally ruled by the same planet. Mr. Tobey considered that, in the case of Capricorn and Aquarius, the two signs have similar interests and drives, but approach them from opposite viewpoints. Capricorn is conservative by nature, Aquarius has distinctly progressive inclinations, one would wish to uphold the law, the other to change it.

Attributes of these two zodiac signs are well known among astrology fans, but just a mention here of one or two points from Carl Payne Tobey's assessment:
Capricorn will tolerate frustrations, is very practical in outlook, insecure about material things, will not take unnecessary chances and will put up with a great deal for the sake of material security. Doesn't like change - makes them feel insecure. A true Capricorn wouldn't be likely to go into politics except perhaps locally, usually those who do enter this arena are mixed Capricorn/Aquarian types.

Aquarius sees into the future because the future and not the past is of interest. Divorce is more common in Aquarians than Capricorns - Capricorn is more likely "stick it out", for economic or other reasons. Aquarius has great curiosity, and inventive ability. Likes change and progress, doesn't fear the future in the way Capricorn does. Assumes and hopes that the future will be a surprise and when it is, Aquarius reacts automatically and knows what to do about it, while Capricorn must first get over the shock. Aquarius is open minded and something of a hobo by nature. A true Capricorn man would find it difficult to keep up with a true Aquarian wife - she likes freedom, isn't keen on routine.

I've pondered on an idea that some natives of these two adjacent signs with a common traditional ruler can turn out as a curious type of hybrid personality. Individuals with Sun in either Capricorn or Aquarius frequently have planet(s) in the other sign. I have Sun in Aquarius, Mercury in Capricorn, for instance. Whilst I would never describe myself as in any way conservative, I do appreciate tradition as well as visions of a fairer future for all. Even so, I'm not what I'd call a true Saturn hybrid.

Distinct hybrid Aqua/Cap and Cap/Aqua personalities could partly account for the reason Sun in Aquarius types have mixed reputations. I've heard people comment that "there are two kinds of Aquarians". Previously I had put this down mainly to generational traits. We're all astro-hybrids of one sort or another, but due to the zodiacal juxtaposition of Capricorn and Aquarius, Saturn hybrids are of particular interest in view of their common ruler.

Paul Newman, Neil Diamond, Tom Selleck - are all Sun Aquarians with more Capricorn than Aquarius in their astrological makeup. Saturn hybrids?

Astrotheme states: (rounded up/down)
Newman - 43% Cap, 6% Aqua, 16%Scorpio.

- 30%Cap, 10%Aqua, & 22% Taurus.

- 30% Cap. 13% Aqua & 19% Leo.

Capricorn content outweighs Aquarius in all three cases. There are lots of other, similar examples, Aqua/Cap and Cap/Aqua, but this post would become even more tiresomely long quoting them all.

Another well-known Aquarius Sun person, Dick Cheney, is not a Saturn hybrid. He = 30% Taurus, 22%Aquarius. His dominant planet is Uranus, which I find a little surprising.

As for astrologers with Sun in Aquarius, the late Maya del Mar was a Saturn hybrid: 23% Capricorn, 17% Aquarius. C.E.O.Carter was not a Saturn hybrid: 31% Aquarius but no Capricorn at all, Saturn comes in 4th in dominance among his planets. Evangeline Adams wasn't a Saturn hybrid either. She had Sun in Aquarius, but her dominant sign by a wide margin was Pisces @ 46%, with Aquarius 17%.
(Details of sign and planet percentages obtained from lists at Astrotheme.)

All of which underlines that those who have Sun in Aquarius or Sun in Capricorn could sometimes surprise us by displaying either a muddied mix of the two signs' traits, or an unexpectedly heavy dose of the traits of the adjacent Saturn-ruled sign.


mike said...

The straight-up, direct traits of an individual's Sun sign, in my experience, can vary from indistinguishable to dramatically apparent. Michael Lutin has made comments that some of his clients seem to "be" their natal chart, yet others, their solar chart (the solar chart erected for that individual's birth time, just like a natal chart, with the Sun on the ascendant)...particularly regarding forecasting for those individuals. He recommends a hybrid approach, taking both natal and solar into consideration. Other astrologers typically recommend the natal and pay little if any attention to the solar chart.

I think that my solar chart (Sun on ascendant and planets in the signs and houses) does account for my ego expression (how my light shines) and often spot-on for how my ego interests play-out in the world of relationships of any kind...my relationship to the world I live and interact within.

My natal chart tends to be more inward and personal. The position of my Sun in the natal chart does tend to reflect the entrainment of my ego concerns and where I have more attentive fluidity in my consciousness...that portion can be expanded upon by viewing my solar chart.

You have said that you have a Cancer rising, Twilight. I know your natal chart is not definite and has been rectified, due to unknown birth time. From the details you have previously provided, you probably have Sun in the eighth house which is ruled by Scorpio. Can you perceive your Aquarius Sun with a Scorpio flavor? Add another level of influence by understanding where Mars and Pluto (Scorpio's ruling planets) are located in your natal chart.

As we've both said in previous posts, variables are infinite in astrology, but each lends a significant level of understanding. The points you present in your post today are certainly valid and valuable, but there's always more to consider.

Astrology has a metaphor in Philip Pullman's "His Dark Materials" trilogy. Lyra Belacqua's golden compass, the alethiometer, is so complex because of its infinite variables and symbolisms, yet Lyra has an intuitive understanding of its ability to forecast the truth.

mike (again) said...

P.S. - Another consideration for your Aquarius Sun...I think you have said previously that your natal Saturn is in Aries. Aquarius is ruled by Saturn, with Saturn placed in Aries would lend an Aries flavor to your Sun. Plus, Aries is ruled by Mars. Your Sun in the 8th house (Mars-ruled) with solar ruler in Mars-ruled Aries, gives your Sun a very strong Mars influence. Can you feel the Mars?!

Twilight said...

mike ~ Back home again around 40 mins ago - too cold to wander longer.

Yes astrology is infinitely complex and, fortunately or unfortunately, fairly elastic!

I've never looked at a solar chart for myself, will do so sometime. I feel the natal chart is me though - a bit of all the signs where planets reside. I can sense a Mars feel yes, maybe explainable for the reasons you've laid out - I'd always attributed it simply to Aries Moon, but Sun in 8th (I think it would be even if birth time is adrift half an hour), will add to the effect... plus natal Mars is in Scorpio.

I've had mixed results from friendships with Scorpio Sun people in the past - the two I remember most clearly ended with my upsetting the other party somehow, unintentionally, and never being forgiven. I have been known to do a similar thing myself, but only once or twice in my life, it has to be said. Not an admirable trait - I shall blame Mars, and try to improve! ;-)

mike (again) said...

Intriguing, Twilight...if you have Mars in Scorpio, then you have reciprocal house rulers. Scorpio is your 5th house, ruled by Sun. Your Sun is in Aquarius 8th house, ruled by Mars. Yes, you have lots of Mars' influence. Specially with that Moon in Aries to bolster.

Few people have mastered interpersonal relationships...I'm a third-grader in that school...and I might be held back an extra decade or two, if I'm not careful. I believe that the astrological events of the past several years have ameliorated relationships of any kind, for many people...too easy to take things personally, when that wasn't the intent. It's like people are on edge and ready to interpret in a destructive or negative fashion. Then there's the polarization factor. I've been very astonished by political viewpoints several friends (ex-friends...LOL) demonstrate.

Welcome back home...yes, the severe cold dampens the wanderlust. Forecasting sleet and possible snow for us overnight, which is mighty unusual for here.

Twilight said...

mike (again) ~ This definite Mars undergarment of mine is a new discovery...lol! It helps to explain why I'm attracted to the writings or music of some Mars/Scorpio types.

Astro-atmospheres, yes, they have been tense for a while, one way or another.

Stay warm and no bike riding on the ice - you hear?! As it's forecast to stay dry here, we'll have one more frigid night (17* "feels like 8*) then slightly less cold tomorrow - 40s anyway.