Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Season 2 of The Weiner Saga

Whenever, at the weekend, we switched on the TV in the motel room to see what the weather forecast was promising us, what did we see? On any channel? Various combinations of talking heads talking about.....Anthony Weiner and his escapades in cyber land.

This real life mini-series and distraction du jour is currently in its second season. In its pilot and first season's run the guy showed his abominable lack of judgement and good taste, but heck - politicians display abominable powers of judgement and lack of good taste all the time. Most politicians, because of other valuable skills and talents can ride out a single error of judgement and bounce back into the public's tentatively good books. We all do daft things at times, for a variety of reasons not always apparent to others, nor should they be. Where Anthony Weiner really "jumped the shark" (as they say) was in deciding to run as a candidate for the position of Mayor of New York, then doing a second season of the same daft things! His powers of judgement are proving to be not just weak but non-existent, or drowned out by another potent power: addiction.

Looking back among my archived posts I found a mention of Anthony Weiner in February 2010 in vastly different tone and circumstances. I even wrote, of one of his debate exchanges when he spoke up, firmly on the side of ordinary people: "This is what the USA desperately needs more of!" I pointed out then that he has Uranus (planet of the unexpected) conjunct natal Sun and other planets.

I wonder whether there's anything further astrological to be gleaned from this sorry tale? Is Pluto, or maybe Uranus, transiting a sensitive point or planet in Weiner's chart? Several astrologers have already investigated his natal chart in depth; typing "Ant. Weiner astrology" in the Google search box will bring up a selection of articles on the topic. But let's take another wee peek here at his chart, set for 12 noon as time of birth isn't known.

Transiting Pluto at 9 Capricorn is in harmonious trine to planets in his Virgo cluster; transiting Neptune at 4 Pisces has been in the vicinity of his 00 degree Pisces Saturn
for some time. Is Pluto loosening up Virgo via this trine? Is Neptune throwing a dreamy cloak of illusion around a normally level-headed Saturn? Remembering, too, that Neptune also represents addiction in astrology.

I'm puzzled. I somehow doubt that Weiner has always been prey to this type of addiction. Would he have progressed as far as he had done in his profession without discovery? He was a congress critter before season one, remember. The kind of behaviour we've seen recently from someone with heavy emphasis on the sign of Virgo runs exactly opposite to what astrology would usually lead us to expect, even for someone with natal Moon in showy ol' Leo.

If Weiner remains in the mayoral race, the final verdict on his career path will rest with the voters of New York - and their powers of judgement.


anyjazz said...

This season's final episode will be welcome. However, next season will be worse. The talking heads realize we are becoming desensitized to the blatant immoral foibles of our leaders and celebrities so next season look out for 3D, HD, surround sound, lots of CGI and oh yes, seamier, pointless plots.

♥ Sonny ♥ said...

he doesnt have a addiction. he just loves attention- making him whats known here in the US as an "attention whore" good or bad- he wants the attention.

Now I will say in his defense that Oh Course he'd have to send these women a Penis Pic cause lordy mercy the child is F U G L Y and he cant show them his face for fear they'll shut off their computer and phone in horror.

which brings me to another major gripe of mine. why in the hell do women have babies with men who look like that. They are condeming their own off spring to Fuglyhood for life and life is tough enough without facing the world with an resemblance to that puss face -- yuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Twilight said...

anyjazz ~ "May I be the first to say....Eww!!!" ;-(

mike said...

The difference for Weiner is that he was exposed. His sext mates, for whatever reasons, revealed his penchant for exhibition. Was he set-up?

Too many politicians (and religious leaders) lead double lives. Their career life is generic family values, but their true life can be vastly better than fiction. Of course, there are the morally and ethically true politicians out there, but after one too many politicians goes through the big reveal, one has to wonder about the whole lot of 'em.

One of my favorites was Senator Strom Thurman. He did more damage toward integration and racial equality than almost any other politician, yet had an illegitimate bi-racial daughter!

Personally, I believe what someone does in their private life is their own business. But, if there are some kinks in their closet, then I don't want them extolling the wonders of family values, either. It's too bad that some politicians have to present a false caricature in order to pander the votes.

Twilight said...

Sonny ~ Ah well the old saying "handsome is as handsome does" fits well. I'd not be averse to a guy whose face wouldn't ever have launched a thousand ships, if his personality and spirit were beautiful, in fact I'd prefer it that way. Not the case here, it seems - sadly. :-)

Twilight said...

mike ~ "Was he set up?" The second round of his escapades does have the feel of a set-up. Addictions are powerful, whether to simple attention or erotic sexting though, so I'd not be surprised if he simply cannot control himself now, but that does not exclude the possibility of a set-up by those who would not want to see his more left-wing policies at work in a New York mayor.

Private life isn't going to exist soon, for any of us, courtesy of NSA, most of all for those who put themselves out there as our leaders, who will more easily than ever risk being hoist with their own petard. ;-)

mike (again) said...

I think that most people have many secrets they would be mortified if revealed. I tend to be open about my private life and I enjoy that in others. I am what I am. Can't harbor secrets, if one doesn't live a secret life.

A non-politician that I have grown to admire is Martha Stewart. She went to prison for insider trading...revealed that she is using internet dating sites to find a man...revealed that rolling a marijuana cigarette is an art form...revealed that she has sexted...revealed that she's been involved in menage a trois. Maybe she has a few more tidbits for us in the near future, too! Maybe she's getting ready to run for public office and is airing her laundry.

@Sonny: I find unconventional appearances to be very attractive if there's beauty in the brain, which requires giving one a chance to display those qualities. There are numerous examples of model-quality adults that were borne of fugly parents.

Twilight said...

mike ~ Well, my life is boring enough to give anyone the yawns - though that's not to say I've never done anything daft and/or unwise, I have.

Still - I'm not comfortable in the knowledge that my every move, every purchase, medical records, bank records, etc etc can be tracked, recorded, and those records potentially could be made available to all and sundry - or all and sundry who would cough up enough $$$$$ to buy them.

Boringness is something of a safeguard, I guess - for now.