Monday, June 10, 2013

Glenn Greenwald & Astrological Links to Current Events

Glenn Greenwald is the journalist who revealed (or perhaps more accurately re-revealed) details of NSA surveillance practices, the PRISM program, and other tid-bits of leaked information last week. He said on Sunday that there is yet more to come. It's getting hard to keep up! He now, probably wisely, is a resident of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Did I say "hard to keep up"? I'd barely finished drafting this post yesterday, before discovering that the identity of the person who leaked information to Mr Greenwald had been revealed: Edward Snowden, a 29-year old former CIA technical assistant and current (?) employee of Booz Allen Hamilton. Mr Snowden is reported to be in Hong Kong at present. Relevant Guardian article.

There ought to be astrological red flags of some kind showing in Glenn Greenwald's natal chart just now, being the agent, if not the source, of these revelations. I couldn't find anything on his chart online, so had my software do its thing on a 12 noon version with his birth data as provided by Wikipedia:
born 6 March 1967 in Queens, New York.

Without time of birth we cannot know exact position of Moon and the ascending sign and degree. Born before 10PM Moon would be in late Capricorn, between 10 PM and midnight in early Aquarius.

I'm not trying to interpret Mr Greenwald's personality here, simply looking for any indication that this particular span of time we're in has significant markers via transiting planets conjoining, or aspecting, any of his natal planets.

Transiting Uranus (eccentric planet of the unexpected) now at 11 Aries is just two degrees from his natal Venus -that has to be significant. Such a conjunction will happen usually just once in a lifetime, as Uranus takes around 84 years to circle the signs.

Transiting Saturn (planet of structure, law and limitation) is conjunct natal Mars in Scorpio - that could be a warning sign for the journalist perhaps?

Transiting Neptune (planet of illusion/delusion, mystery) is close enough (5*) to natal Mercury in Pisces to be considered conjoined - Mercury is planet of communication, and as Greenwald's profession is in communication, that has to be especially significant.

Even more significantly though, there's a trine between Neptune and Saturn currently formed, almost exact, in the sky (at 5 degrees of Pisces and Scorpio respectively). That aspect is linking to Greenwald's natal Mars at 3 Scorpio. This trine is fairly rare, and long-lasting due to the slow movement of both planets: Saturn's orbit of the Sun takes around 29 years, and Neptune around 165 years. A trine between these two planets last occurred in 2001/2, but then the planets were in Air signs, Aquarius and Gemini, now they are in Water signs. Oddly, Air signs would seem a better match to what we're seeing just now, based on journalism and communication, which are more in the province of Air than Water. However, unless Moon and/or ascendant were in Air sign(s) at his birth, Glenn Greenwald has no natal planet/point in Air, which has to be quite unusual for a journalist or writer, I suspect. In astrology the element of Water relates, in one way or another, to emotional matters, in the case of Scorpio there's an added element of secrecy and some potential darkness. This trine, tickling Greenwald's natal Mars in Scorpio where Mars is comfortably at home, dynamic, unadulterated, could almost represent a personal vendetta being triggered....though I'm not convinced that's the case.

There are definite markers here, but I haven't untangled them to my own satisfaction quite - any offers? .... The story isn't over yet either!


mike said...

Well, Twilight, aside from your excellent analysis, a couple of aspects attract my attention toward his recent endeavor to expose the NSA over-reach:

Lunar eclipse 6*Scorpio (April 25, 2013) is the midpoint of his South Node-Mars conjunction...conclusions, revelations, exposure

North Node nearing conjunction to his South Node in evaluation of his direction, fate, re-alignment of his past endeavors with his future propensity

Solar eclipse 20* Taurus (May 10,2013) trines his Uranus-Pluto conjunction in Virgo...start of something big, transformation, worldly, exposing the shadow side, sudden, shocking

His Saturn is 0*Aries, the cardinal world point and has been hit recently by squaring transiting personal planets...change in and recognition of responsibilities of a worldly type

Jupiter nearing square to his 0*Aries Saturn...a change in focus of responsibilities, a release of worldly events, freedom vs structure

His natal Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron water trine would be conducive toward his desire to reveal painful, larger-than-life secrets, exposing foggy and nebulous concepts that are painful to accept and have strong emotional qualities. I believe this is what has made his career as an investigative journalist so rewarding and his recognition for his research.

Transiting Chiron at the midpoint of his Sun-Mercury conjunction would enhance the above paragraph and give his ego satisfaction by communicating his findings

His Sun-Mercury conjunction has Neptune as dispositor, Neptune is in Scorpio (in trine with Jupiter and Chiron) disposited by Mars in Scorpio. He's a born investigator and very good at discovering and communicating mucky, dark, big-picture secrets with emotional constructs. He has a natural penchant toward this, as his professional career attests.

His quote from Wiki, "I decided voluntarily to wind down my practice in 2005 because I could, and because, after ten years, I was bored with litigating full-time and wanted to do other things which I thought were more engaging and could make more of an impact, including political writing."
June, 2005, astrologically had trans Mar conj his Saturn, trans Saturn conj his Jupiter, trans Uranus conj his Mercury & Sun, trans Pluto square his Uranus-Pluto. This all seems very fitting for a major life re-direction!

P.S. - It's just too hot and humid here, so I'm wimping-out of my daily grind, which is why I'm back prematurely, Twilight! I've switched working outdoors to the late afternoons, when it's "cooler". We'll see how long this lasts!

Twilight said...

mike ~~ Lots of extra pointers there - many thanks, mike!

I'd forgotten (if I ever knew) that GG didn't start out as a journalist, but as a lawyer, so there'd be different expectations on career pointers in his natal chart- although lack of Air still seems unusual, for a lawyer. I'm betting on Moon in Aquarius.

I'd meant to include a note about the powerful Aries Point (0* Aries) and forgot - so thanks for mentioning that and its context here too.

This thing is unfolding almost Hollywood style. I'm feeling slightly uncomfortable about it all for some unknown reason. Still can't join the level of clamour/outrage about it that's apparent online. Maybe it's a feeling of foreboding. Don't know.

mike (again) said...

I, too, have apprehension regarding the latest sequence of events. I suspect I feel this, because I'm seeing-hearing-reading responses from the government (this is a crime and must be punished; do you want security or not), politicians (yes, we knew this all along, but didn't know this would be involved in the Patriot Act), media (Wow, that's some NSA over-reach), to the average citizen (I'm outraged, but I feel secure).

There isn't anything new, to my mind, regarding this NSA invasion of privacy and I suspect it goes way beyond. However, seeing the government's reaction to this breach, I now realize that our government is about the closest it could be to fascism without being called fascism. I suppose if we really knew what was going-on in secret, we'd all feel like chattel.

The congressional politicians are mixed...most claim they knew, but some act like this is all new to them...uh huh. Suddenly Rand Paul wants SCOTUS intervention...uh huh.

The American public should have known better, but in typical fearful and patriotic fashion, auctioned our freedom for security, but feigns naive compliance in the process...uh huh.

And thank goodness for the individuals that put their lives on the line to expose this mockery of the constitution and the media that still researches and reports on such matters.

I think another part of my queasiness is that we have a new surge of astrology...water sign planetary ingresses and aspects. Something stabilizing, yet adding a new emotional sparkle to the darkness that I had become accustomed. I'm also starting to sense the necessary good fight ahead that is inevitable.

mike (again) said...

Kind of reminds me of the sobering recognition Georg Von Trapp has of the subtly changing Austrian politics in "The Sound of Music".

Twilight said...

mike ~~ Yes, though some of us assumed this was going on anyway, it was still valuable for it (and its current extent) to be brought to the fore to remind, or enlighten, those who had forgotten or hadn't cottoned on to the full and ongoing implications of The Patriot Act.
So we owe Snowden and Greenwald a debt of gratitude for this. Whether anything will change is another least without the good fight you mentioned.

Pluto's transit in Capricorn is also making itself felt, yet again here - drawing out some of of the rottenness - it'll go on a while until this particular abscess bursts. Could be messy!

Sound of Music - the mention of it always makes me smile, then laugh - though I realise the point you make is deadly serious. Let's see - we should now exit left singing
Climb every mountain......

astroparadise said...

Transiting Pluto in Capricorn (powerful hidden secrets within the establishment) sextiling his natal Mercury (information and communication) in Pisces may have something to do with it.

Twilight said...

astroparadise ~ Yes! Another piece of the puzzle put in place - and a good fit too. Thanks! :-)

Anonymous said...

The problem with interpreting a chart with no birth time is that you have no idea how the houses are involved. He may have important planets in the 3rd or 9th house. Given his home in Brazil, legal background and published work, I would not be surprised to find an active 9th house. The point is, without a birthtime, you always miss something. Oh, and I don't have any air in my chart either and am a lawyer.

Twilight said...

Anonymous ~~~ Thanks - yes - I did point out the absence of a time of birth limits interpretation. Still, I thought a partial picture was enough to see how current transits were placed in relation to his chart, that was my original intention, not to interpret his personality.

Re the lack of Air - that is my own idea only, not a hard and fast rule - I doubt there are (or should be) any hard and fast rules in astrology anyway.
I suppose prominent Saturn and Capricorn would more than make up for lack of Air for a lawyer.....strong Mercury too.