Monday, March 18, 2013

Ashley Judd for The Senate?

Ashley Judd is considering running as Democratic candidate in Kentucky for a US Senate seat. This was a little surprising to me until I looked at her natal chart. (data from Astrodatabank). Her quadruple Aries (fearless pioneer), including Sun in that sign, and Moon in Aquarius (the socially aware, politically focused), with spotlight-loving Leo rising makes it almost a given that at some point Ms Judd would put herself into an even brighter glare of the spotlight than her successful acting career has afforded.

It does seem a huge first step though - from Hollywood to the Senate. There might need to be an intermediate step for Ms Judd - a mayoral appointment or governorship perhaps. Democratic party leaders, from what I've read, are unlikely to have enough confidence that she could beat Republican Senator Mitch McConnell. Given the low point of the Republican Party's reputation just now, I guess Democratic party leaders feel that the seat might be vulnerable - with the right Democratic candidate. Apart from being a huge first step into politics for Ms Judd, it's a step into politics in a strongly, one might even say rabidly, conservative state. Ashley Judd grew up in Kentucky though, she lives in Tennessee, works in California. Kentucky's political atmosphere isn't alien to her, she has to be well aware of what she'd be up against. Her family background and name recognition could be of some help. Her mother Naomi, and sister Wynonna are well-known country vocalists, country music goes down very well in Kentucky!

Ashley Judd is well-enough qualified academically for the job of Senator, it's experience she lacks. She has a Mid-career Masters in Public Administration degree from Harvard University John F. Kennedy School of Government, and a bachelor's degree in French from the University of Kentucky, with minors in cultural anthropology, art history, theater and women's studies. She has been an outspoken supporter of women's rights on many occasions.

Does astrology offer any indication of significant change for Ashley Judd in the near future? Well, yes it does. Uranus, planet of change, often unexpected change is currently transiting Aries, and is at around 7 degrees just now, heading towards her cluster of personal planets. Mars (energy, dynamism and ruler of Aries) is also transiting the sign, currently a few degrees behind Uranus. Astrology cannot tell us exactly what these transits will signify for Ashley Judd. Even if Democratic leaders do lack confidence in her at this point, and decline to give her the nomination, she has given them clear indication of her interest, and no doubt her future intention, to become involved in politics - if not in Kentucky, then elsewhere. She's a star already in one arena, I suspect that over the next few years we'll be watching her star rise in another.


R J Adams said...

I'd be amazed if she got the funding to run. McConnell's well in with Kentucky's corporate community. He's served them well, and been well paid for it.

Twilight said...

RJ Adams ~~ It's unlikely, I don't think the Dem bigwigs like her enough either. But maybe at some point further into the future we'll be seeing a Senator or Congresswoman Judd.