Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Eclipse and Saturn in Scorpio, Pluto in Capricorn, MIC - Hmmmm!

I'm not convinced eclipses are always as significant as astrologers seem to believe, especially in personal astrology. As I've written before (click on eclipse and/or eclipses in the Label Cloud in the sidebar for evidence), I could be wrong, and stand open to correction. Mundane astrology, the application of astrology to world affairs and world events, is a different matter. I'm not an astrologer proper, I dabble, and have my own views about the whole caboodle, which don't always align with text book and establishment astrology.

Yesterday's solar eclipse took place in the sign of Scorpio where planet Saturn is currently transiting, so at the very least extra emphasis on all things Scorpio related could be expected to feature clearly in mundane matters around this time. We don't have far to seek to find some! Scorpio is said to connect to passion and secrets, among other things.

Pluto, powerful slow-moving planet of power and transformation, known to clear out and cleanse all that's rotting or past its usefulness, is currently transiting Capricorn the sign with connection to the establishment and to institutions of all kinds.

A string of incidents over the past month or so, all connected to one of the USA's most powerful institutions, the Military Industrial Complex, could clearly be reflections of Pluto in Capricorn aided and abetted by Saturn and an eclipse in Scorpio.

Several high-ranking characters from the MIC have "bitten the dust" during the past few weeks - or may be about to fall:

General David Petraeus, CIA head, former 4 star - extra-marital affair.
Rear Admiral Gaouette, commander of an aircraft carrier task force in Persian Gulf - drunk in public.
General Carter Ham, commander of Africom - relieved of duty after not following order to "stand down" regarding Benghazi.
General John Allen, commander of all US and NATO forces in Afghanistan-caught up in Petraeus' scandal, not yet gone but could be about to fall.
Christopher Kubasik, CEO of Lockheed - sex scandal.
Whether the above list has connection to anything other than matters astrological is something left for further perusal!

(Illustration: "Astronomers Studying an Eclipse" painting by Antoine Caron (1571).


mike said...

And yesterday, Gen. William "Kip" Ward, US Africa Command, was stripped of a star for exorbitant, unauthorized spending. He's retiring pronto. For sure, Defense Secretary Panetta has been busy with staffing problems!

I acquiesced to astrology many years ago as an alternative to religion. Astrology helped me understand my own inherent qualities, events, and cycles of life far better, and it implies that I am in the driver's seat with a map to guide me (delusional thinking?). I've experienced far too many coincidences and correlations in my chart and the actual events in life to disregard it.

I view astrology as a tool for understanding the universal divine, Earth's position in the divine, and my position on Earth. I've been a novice for too many decades and the more I learn, it often seems the less I know! An astrology chart shows energy potentials, but it does not particularly indicate how that individual will use the energy, which makes assessment difficult.

I've come to the realization like you, Twilight, that astrology distinctly correlates to the world's stage. Likewise, the more an individual's affect or influence on the world's stage, the more astrology can be used to forecast for that individual.

Several years ago, I read that a famed, elderly monk who had spent his life attaining spiritual communion thought his life would have been better spent being a secular person. His reasoning was that the creator had given him eyes and ears to see and hear his own unique perspectives of the world...the creator did not want those eyes looking back at the creator. Perhaps the same can be said of our own we waste valuable time reflecting on ourselves and trying to make proper astrological decisions, while life itself whizzes by? I'm just as inclined to make a "bad" decision, whether I'm astrologically informed or not!

Twilight said...

mike ~~ Yet another one discovered in naughtiness? Goodness me, where will it end?! ;-) If it goes on like this the whole of the US's top brass will be on detention writing 10,000 lines...... : "I will not..........."

Your views on astrology sound fairly close to my own. I'm confident that "something is going on" out there. Like you I've experienced too many "coincidences and correlations with my natal chart" to discount astrology.

I do tend to discount a lot of the detail taught by what I think of as the astro-establishment. I understand that they are trying to preserve ancient doctrine - and that's worthwhile in one way, but could well be mis-leading also.

Lately I've had the (perhaps strange) idea that what is actually happening when we detect "something going on astrologically" is more to do with some kind of time-wave patterns. The planets we track are nothing but markers, like hands on a clock-face. When various waves (maybe the wrong term) cross or run adjacent to each other, maybe they have some effect on human metabolism or cellular function....or...I don't know - something within us that is sensitive to those outer elements.
Astrologers don't like any "causal" explanations these days. I don't care. They can only be guessing, they have no way of knowing any more than we do.

Yes, that elderly monk had a point. Astrology can indicate only so much. I decided some time ago that I'd stop watching my own chart closely and just "do what comes naturally", deal with whatever turns up - think on my feet. It works better in the long run than expecting stuff to happen, worrying about things to come, either good or bad. The expected events often don't happen- there are usually other people involved, with different astrological elements at work, and outside circumstances have equal "pull" on lives providing too many improbables and variables.

By the way, Mike - if you ever felt like contributing a guest post to this blog, I'd be very happy to post it - on astrology or on any topic whatsoever. Just a thought.

mike (again) said...

Thanks, Twilight...I appreciate your offer, but this is your blog and I visit here, because it IS your blog! I've been following you for over a year, primarily for your eclectic insight and commentaries of astrology and the world-at-large.

You bloggers knock yourselves out making very thoughtful presentations and you have a large number of followers, but very few readers make comments. I would find it peculiar to constantly present my views to the cyber-world and have it so one-sided. I am trying to be an active participant with the blogs that I value...this is rather new for me...I was a silent blog reader previously.

Wisewebwoman said...

A great confluence for sure, T, of the military events of titillation.

It all sounds so incredibly puerile and getting so much media coverage whilst other, world shaking events are taking place quietly in the background.


Chomp said...

I do agree, eclipses have their main meanings in Mundane astrology, but the case someone may have some planet in strict aspect with the Nodes or with the point in which the eclipse happens or with the planet that governs the eclipse itself

Twilight said...

mike ~~ I fully understand your feelings about the one-sidedness aspect. Be assured that I enjoy and value your comments and the additional information they contain.

This blog has never attracted long strings of comments (apart from on one or two odd posts in the past),
and I've accepted this as " just the way it is". Statistics gathered by Blogger and Stat-counter show a higher number of "hits" and "visits" now than ever in the past and my Google Ranking (whatever that is and however it's calculated) remains at "4" which isn't bad for a lone blogger, and probably due to the fact that I've posted regularly over more than 6 years.

I'm very happy when I see long-time blog buddies still commenting when they can, as well as some newer friends like yourself, Chomp, Sonny DC; also James Higham, Rossa, JD and others who pop in now and then. Cherries on top!

I do still get comments on blog posts from several years ago - which is very gratifying too.

I guess I could have set up a Facebook page and linked the blog to it, which might have brought in a few more commenters - but Facebook simply doesn't appeal to me in the way straightforward blogging does, passé as blogging has now become.

Maybe the mushrooming of hand-held devices, i-pads, smartphones etc. will keep a few readers searching remaining blogs via those devices - I'm not sure about that.

I decided long ago to continue blogging because I enjoy it as a hobby, as a kind of journal upon which I can look back, for my own enjoyment (the inner narcissist).

Comments do add interest for me and for those readers who decide not to comment, for whatever reason.....I respect that too because I read, enjoy and learn from several blogs without commenting, for specific reasons....though I do contribute if ever I can.

Twilight said...

Wisewebwoman ~ Yes, puerile is about right, WWW! We expect better, but perhaps we shouldn't, human nature being what it is. It makes the few public figures who do conduct themselves decently and display integrity even more valuable, but even more rare.

Twilight said...

Chomp ~~ Yes, I used to think so too. I still wonder about that.

Back in Jan. 2009 a solar eclipse exactly hit my natal Aquarius Sun's degree. For weeks I'd felt a bit worried about what this might mean.
It turned out not to mean anything at all, far as I could tell.

Perhaps the answer is that if other planetary aspects involving points on one's chart are present, at the time of an eclipse which also touches a chart point, then a more intense result might be noticed, from the other aspects involved.

I don't know - will try to keep an open mind though. :-)