Saturday, September 22, 2012

Miss Lindeman's Class of '47 & New Blogger GUI

On Thursday Blogger forced its entire blogging community onto their new, supposedly improved, interface. For the past few months we've had the option of retaining the original interface, which, by the way, many have found to be vastly superior to the new version. Anyway - an apology in advance for any ragged looking posts with spaces in the wrong places and images askew which might ensue as I try to wrangle the new clunky slow-slow-slow, it hangs, it hangs, it freezes Blogger GUI (graphical user interface).
As an initial experiment and trial exercise I've copied an old journal post of my husband's (with his permission), so that I can "mess around" with the new layout etc. without having to curse and compose something sensible at the same time.

So: GUEST POST by "anyjazz", aka my husband~~~

Miss Lindeman's 4th Grade Class, 1947
“What kind of music do you like?”
“Do you play an instrument?”
“When do you find time to play all your records?”
“What started your interest in music?”

It’s a long story.

In fourth grade Miss Lindeman told the class, “Listen and see if you can hear the horses. Listen to this and imagine a gypsy dancing. Listen for the raindrops and the storm starting.” And we did.

It probably falls back to the trite old adage: “One must listen, not just hear.” Or something like that.

Lots of people hear music without really listening for the raindrops and the call to arms. Miss Lindeman told us to listen. She taught us that there was something in addition to the melody or the words. Treasures were hidden in those sounds.

So for those of us who really listen, we hear a painting, colors and feelings. The composer gathers his thoughts or the musician speaks to us. We experience layers and textures, emotions and ideas.

Most enjoy hearing music. Some only enjoy certain areas, country, jazz, classical. The Listener likes anything musical. Anything Musical.

Many people enjoy hearing songs with words so they can identify with the singer or the story being told. But for the Listener, it is a deeper experience. A Listener hears the music and sometimes knows the brand of the guitar playing, or when a breath was taken in a solo phrase. We know how hard a clarinet is to play. We know when a jazz artist has borrowed a bit of a solo from an old scratchy record. We hear the emotion coming from a breathy saxophone solo or thrill at the coda in a violin concerto.

Some hear a classical opus and find it quite satisfying. A Listener knows when a favorite classical overture is being played by a different orchestra or maybe led by a different conductor: a note held longer here, a cymbal a bit louder there.

Miss Lindeman taught us how to listen. Thanks, Miss Lindeman.

Dad had an old 78RPM record changer perched atop the refrigerator. It couldn’t be reached by six year old hands. He played a Benny Goodman record, “Sometimes I’m Happy” and said, “Listen to the sax section.” And a six year old listened not knowing what a “sax” was, let alone the mysterious “section.”
Listening began.
Thanks, Dad.


Wisewebwoman said...

Lovely post, thanks T and Himself.

New Blogger? I find a bit of an improvement on the formatting.

All else will be assessed over time.

I still retain my old "look" too terrified to lose everything like our friend RJA did.


Twilight said...

Wisewebwoman ~~ I can manage the new format (but liked the old better) but cannot deal without complaint with the hanging screens and freezing and slowness I'm encountering.

And today, after reporting a problem in posting images via the HTML screen, and being asked to try it in Google Chrome browser, I found I could no longer access my posts via either browser, IR8 or Chrome. Apparently this is a "known issue" for some and they are working on it. Sigh. I've found a way in - just now - but it'll no doubt close afterwards.

Husband isn't having any difficulty, but he chose to transfer to the new GUI a while ago. Also, what he does with Blogger (a lot of graphics) and what I do are very different. Your blog is more like my own. Glad you're not having the same problems! :-)

There's obviously some element, peculiar to my set up that is bugging my blog (and many others it seems according to the Help Forum.)

R J Adams said...

Great post, AnyJazz. I can empathize with your 'listening' to music. For me, 'Anything Musical' comes to a grinding halt at 'Rap', Punk', or, 'Indietronica(?)' - whatever that is?

Sorry you're having trouble with Blogger, Twilight. On second thoughts, no I'm not. You should have moved to Wordpress long ago! ;-)

And, WWW, I may have lost it temporarily - but, I did get it back again!

Twilight said...

RJ Adams ~~ I've just found this comment, and another of yours in a stash awaiting moderation. am still finding way around blogger's new flippin' interface!

Anyjazz says thank you RJ.

I should've moved to WP, yes, and I should've bought a Mac instead of a PC - but there ya go - I didn't. All the hassle must be character-forming or summat. ;-)