Wednesday, June 06, 2012

VENUS - in general

With Venus at the forefront of astrological chat this week, here's what astrologer Ingrid Lind had to say about the planet's role in astrology and in the natal chart generally. The quote is from her little book Astrology and Commonsense (1962), from which I quoted extracts for each zodiac sign last year.

Governs adolescence. Rules or has affinity with the signs Taurus and Libra. Keywords: harmony, unison, relatedness.

There is no doubt that all aspects to Venus in the chart indicate the ability or otherwise for forming relationships. Venus always seems to me to be very vulnerable to all aspect contact. Contact with Uranus can sway her to the unusual or perverse, with Mars to passion, with Jupiter to prodigality. Restricted by Saturn she functions coldly; friendships are made with difficulty or end in sorrow.

I realise that a planetary principle has no sex and applies to man or woman. Nevertheless I am inclined to visualise Venus as a sensitive and artistic woman. She takes colour from the sign she is in to a pronounced extent; in Pisces, for instance, tender to the point of folly, in Capricorn calculating her value. She is so to say the love-nature of the native and by means of the chart this can be isolated and studied apart from the rest of the chart.

There is also the connexion between Venus and money matters and it is useful to study Venus in a chart in relation to the native's attitude to money or possessions
Hmm - does this work for me and mine? I have Venus in Sagittarius. Husband has Venus in Taurus. I can't say I'm particularly Sagittarian in my "love-nature" - maybe I've gone "over-the-top" at times, unwise over-enthusiasm for a person or project isn't unknown to me, but it's not exactly the norm. Sagittarius connects to travel, and I do love, love, love to travel! There's a trine from Venus to Saturn and Moon in Aries in my chart, as well as a square to Neptune in Virgo. Both aspects could serve to rein in potential excesses, I guess.

As for husband, his natal Venus is at home in Taurus, he's in love with (as well as me, I hope) art and music, dotty about jazz in particular. His Taurean love-nature could be classed as classic, I guess....except that Venus is conjunct Uranus (my Sun's ruling sign). Not classic at all - jazzy in fact! Interesting!


Anonymous said...

GP: Your Venus in Sag. T, also brings involvement with foreign men. Guess you overlooked that one.

My Venus in Gemini is conjunct Uranus. Have always had sort of an `airy love live` - and finances also. Big ups and downs. Never able to explain, but for sure related to Venus. So much for `practical astrology`...

DC said...

I'll go out on a limb here and say, that with Venus in Sagittarius, this may make for a scenario of travel (long trips)WITH the one, or for the ones you love (Venus)...and with such a square with your moon and Saturn...well...your Decisions (Aries-starts-decisions-moon) to travel are precious and important to you, and the square of Saturn has maybe in fact brought you to a point far from your home (homeland)yet still happy with all the square in this firey configuration has brought you (travel with some restrictions) pioneered(decisions-Aries Moon) your way to a man with his Venus that sits at home no matter where you two find yourselves...either far from (Sagittarius long trips)or close to home (Venus in Taurus)...there seems to be harmony and a true love of travel that sticks to you both, no matter where you find yourselves. This may or may not be the most accurate of statements, but then again it's only my humble opinion.

James Higham said...

also brings involvement with foreign men

I'm a foreign man.

Twilight said...

Anonymous/Gian Paul ~ Yes, I didn't mention that - though I have told about it in posts in the past, more than once. My close relationships/marriages have all been with men from countries other than England: Italy, Northern Ireland, USA.

I've mentioned before also that back when I was around 14 or 15 a fortune teller told my mother that her only daughter would finsh her days abroad, married to a foreigner.....

Your Venus is conjunct Uranus too (like the husband's!) but in Gemini rather than Taurus. Interesting, GP! ;-)

Twilight said...

DC ~~ Thank you for that - and it does fit rather well!

I've always "flown by the seat of my pants" in love relationships, and for the most part, (except for an initial wrong choice in my early 20s) it has worked well.
My astro-antenna must be working.

I've thought often (and written occasionally) that Mercury and Venus placements are such an important part of one's natal chart that they should be considered on equal footing with Sun/Moon/ascendant.

Twilight said...

James Higham ~~ So y'are - now!
"Involvement" can mean warfare also, of course. ;-)

Wisewebwoman said...

Interesting T how your life has panned out in conjunction with your astral map.
And how the fortune teller was eerily correct.
My lifemaps made by others (including yours) give me goosebumps too.
One, made at least 15 years ago by a shaman has now come true.

Twilight said...

Wisewebwoman ~~~ It's all very spooky, yes WWW. I wouldn't feel so surprised (or surprised at all) by the fortune teller's remark to my Mum had the f/t been an astrologer - she wasn't.