Thursday, March 08, 2012


I've often pondered on how, for some people, what begins as an innocent interest in astrology, sparked by curiosity, can easily turn into an unhealthy obsession. I posted a few thoughts on this back in 2009, came across them again the other day and decided to give them, lightly edited, a re-airing:


Can astrology become too much of an obsession, a hindrance to living one's life in fact? This question has crossed my mind from time to time over the years. I am saved from the worst symptoms of astrologitis (as I'll call it) by my view that astrological doctrine is an imperfect tool which can throw up only shadows, at best. Astrologers use a tool which hasn't been honed to perfection yet, in spite of centuries of trying.

Whether consulting a professional astrologer or interpreting charts for oneself, I believe it's best to look on the results as shadows, or skeletons - or even skeletons of shadows or shadows of skeletons, still of interest, but requiring fleshing out and clarifying from hindsight and experience.

Personally, I'm not convinced by some parts of astrological lore. But I am totally convinced by the bare bones of astrology. Bare bones don't tell us what the picture is like "in the flesh " though. Clever experts can reconstruct a face from a skeletal skull, and be fairly certain that it resembles the human being who inhabited the skeleton - but can never be absolutely certain of the detail. Likewise in astrology.

I think the key to not becoming obsessive, not feeling the need to quit, is to stand back from it, not to focus on self too much. Look outward and backward, viewing people and situations, yours and theirs, with hindsight. This way you can see parts of astrology at work and know that "something is going on".
For me, that's where the magic of astrology lies.

Trying to predict one's future can be disappointing and/or worrying. Neither is helpful. It's often said that if you know what's around the corner for you, you can prepare yourself for it. Maybe some brave souls can, and if you are one of those - fine! I'm not. I tend to worry, and prefer to meet problems head-on, as and when - and if - they occur. There's no point in worrying about the skeletal problem astrology might indicate which, when flesh is added and it becomes the reality, might turn out to be a minor irritation or even a blessing, instead of the serious problem about which you'd worried.


Anonymous said...

GP: First, congratulations as today is Women's day. Had to think earlier this morning about why there are so few women humorists. Is it that except for May 8, all other days are for men?

Besides that, it's worth mentioning Edith Cresson (an Aquarian, with humour), the so far first and only French prime minister but a very gutsy person. When prime minister, she had some trouble with her British collegues (as happens between Brits and Frogs) and she found an easy way out, saying, "anyway, all British men are queer...

Today, Women's Day, she attacks the French machos: "They control too much. We, i.e. the French women, should go on strike". (She now is 78 years old, I am stepping in there to explain).

On your today's post, T.

Agree with your view, especially about the essentials. Dependency never occurs, in my experience, without a vengence. Same with other tools, Tarot, Chiromancia etc.

PS. Very interesting sky today: Sun, opposing Moon/Mars and itself "sandwiched" between Uranus and Neptune. Major Sun flares reported (I once posted about planets influencing the Sun on your blog) and here in Brazil, the net was a real mess today (most being on wireless/satellite, given the distance here).

Twilight said...

Anonymous/Gian Paul ~~ I decided not to post on the topic of Women's Day. I'll be unpopular for saying so, but I think that it's another divisive tool. The world, and this country in particular, is divided in so many directions already, a gender divide is not helpful.

I know that women still have hurdles to clear to catch up with male counterparts after years of sex discrimination, but the problem is known, and being dealt with. Time and new generations brought up with the idea of equality will deal with it fully.
Emphasis on the gender divide will not help. (My opinion only, and not a popular one).

Re women humorists - - I beg to disagree, GP. There are, and have been lots of 'em, in the UK and USA.
Won't bother to name them here - maybe a post someday. :-)

Just been reading about the Sun flares. No problems yet here - just a stormy day, probably not connected with the flares.

Anonymous said...

GP: Before it being "totally unfashionable", here what happened to Nasreddin (must have been on a 8th of March, many years ago): His wife asked him to fetch some water at the river (in Turkey still today the job of women or young girls). The reason being that his wife was waiting the dough to rise...

So N. went to the river, filled the vase, but by accident it slipped out of his hands and disappeared. Some time later a neighbbour came along, asked N. what he was doing there, sitting by the river. N. explained that he was "waiting for the dough to rise"...

Twilight said...

Anon/Gian Paul ~~~


Wisewebwoman said...

Yes a friend is quite fixated on astro power so I know what of you speak, T.
As to Women's Day, Daughter and I talking about it today and we both honestly feel we are seriously regressing. It hurts me inside. I hate the tokenism of it all, like your good self. Action would be wonderful. I see in a lot of states women's autonomy is being attacked just about daily.

Twilight said...

Wisewebwoman ~~ Re Women's Day - yes, your description "tokenism" is exactly right.

I will stand with women, and air my views, on each example of discrimination and brow-beating - each individual incident as they occur, but a special Day set aside seems pretty pointless to me -not just for women's issues but any issues. This Day that Day, this Month, that Month....juvenile! It encourages mental division, when we already have more than enough, and what we need is more harmony.