Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I'm returning to Ingrid Lind's Astrology & Commonsense (1962) for her take on this Airy, Mutable, Positive sign, ruled by planet Mercury. Sun is in the zodiac sign Gemini from (give or take a day) 21 May to 20 June each year.

In Gemini primitive man has progressed through the settling-down stage and discovers he has a mind. This is indeed an enormous discovery: and he goes to extremes of rationality, cuts himself off from the intuitional, heart-qualities that served well in Aries and Taurus, abondons what he will call childish things and decides that the important thing is to KNOW.

People with an overdose of this Sign can only appreciate, and will only accept, what has been ratiocinated and 'proved'. Everything must be talked over, argued (if necessary anyway), as it were demonstrated or abolished verbally. Gemini will sit up all night, if he can find another Geminian, splitting hairs. Aries, we may say, is primeval Fire, Taurus primeval Earth, Gemini primeval Air, in which element man gets his feet off the ground and experiments with the freedom and expansiveness of thought.

With the average man or woman, where Gemini is found strong in the chart, need for communication is the keynote. They have an urge to impart whatever they learn by speech or writing and it is a necessity with them to feel they are 'in the know'. The symbol for Gemini, the Twins, pictures the deep need for communication, if only with 'the other half' of the personality. The duality is also apparent in the Geminian gift, if it is a gift, of many-sidedness, in versatility and the ability to live a double life.

Geminian Qualities
Variety of Interest
Understanding (in the sense of a quick grasp)
Agility of mind, hand, foot.

Geminian Faults


That summary will apply to some - perhaps the majority of people born when the Sun was in Gemini, but in many cases there will be modifying factors, or another layer of characteristics. These will come via personal planets (Mercury and Venus at least) in the neighbouring signs: Cancer and Taurus, as well as additional characteristics inherited from Moon's sign and rising sign. So, what Ingrid Lind wrote is only part of the complete picture.

I've met Sun Gemini people whose personalities were far from what astrology leads us to expect. I recall a boyfriend from my late teens, nice enough guy, enjoyed that pastime beloved of Englishmen "having a pint" down at the pub, and watching a game of soccer. I joined him for both on a few occasions. Though we had few interests in common, we did manage to get along quite well, in a pedantic, uninspired kind of way. I suspect he had some strong Taurus impacting his Gemini - ouch!!

Then again, I've met some who might have been "made to order" to fit the above description and any other Gemini description in any astrology text book. My maternal grandfather was one such, and a female workfriend.... and my husband's son-in-law is another - possibly the most true-to-form Gemini-type I've met so far.....oh I'm forgetting our good blog buddy R.J. Adams, I don't know him personally but will hazard a guess that he's pretty true to Gemini form.
My mind rebels at stagnation. Give me problems, give me work, give me the most abstruse cryptogram, or the most intricate analysis, and I am in my own proper atmosphere. But I abhor the dull routine of existence. I crave for mental exaltation."
-- Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, author, b. 22 May 1859.


Wisewebwoman said...

I've known the true-to-types as well, T and have not 'done' well by then. One was a partner who could escape into detachment so quickly it was frightening. Another was a girlfriend who did exactly the same thing. Example: Flying transatlantic with her, she moved without comment into a seat at the other end of the plane. And saw nothing wrong with doing so.

Laura said...

Well, I am a Gemini. I am not sure if I am a made to order Gemini or not (I can never quite settle on the definition of one.) Its quite clear that Ingrid Lind was not a great Gemini fan. 4 pro's and 5 cons? Curiosity as a con? I would turn the table and add that to the pros, myself.
I am all of those things, except maybe cunning. I am also a bunch of others. I am quite shocked by Wisewebwomans rude friend. I am not sure how that is Gemini, though.

Twilight said...

WWW ~~~ Those experiences you mention are quite surprising though for "straight-ahead" Gemini-types. They'd be ore true to text-book Aquarius (much of which never strikes me as true either, anyway).

Detachment seems the opposite of Gemini's supposed main characteristic: communication.

Perhaps the individuals you mention had conflicting Moon or rising signs. Interesting though. We have to take all possibilities into account. It's experiences such as yours, which make us say "Huh?", that'd make valuable studies, to discover whether astrology text books need an update. ;-)

Twilight said...

Laura ~~~Hi! I haven't been able to find Ingrid Lind's own birth date yet - maybe she didn't get along with Gemini-types (which would be unusual in itself, because they are probably the easiest types of all to get along with - in my experience anyway.)

I agree, curiosity is a virtue not a vice, in my book - unless it turns into out and out nosiness, of course!

The cunning part is probably a version of The Trickster archetype which is supposed to link to Mercury, Gemini's ruler. I do think that Gemini-types have the potential to be cunning, which takes cleverness and ingenuity, both of which are in their astro- toolbox.