Saturday, August 02, 2008

Signs Having Their Say On Leadership

If the 12 zodiac signs had voices, what would they tell us on the topic of leadership? What would each of them want to see in a new leader of any kind - in a President or Prime Minister for example ?


Aries.........someone decisive, who will have no compunction about leading the herd, identifying and getting on immediately with what needs to be done.

....someone who will honour the environment, and the arts, look after the wealth of those who have it, while for those who don't, help to make improvement possible.

Gemini.....someone who knows how to communicate with the public without talking down or patronizing them, someone with fresh ideas and flexibility in their plans.

Cancer......someone with strong family values, enough sensitivity and emotional intelligence to understand the needs of the people.

Leo......someone who, above all else, stands out as having leadership qualities, who people will automatically accept as their superior, irrespective of any other factor.

Virgo.....someone who demonstrates integrity and discrimination, who can sort the wheat from the chaff when populating his/her cabinet, someone with a mind sharp enough to see potential flaws in plans presented by others.

Libra......someone with tact and good judgment, the ability to see both sides of any issue.

Scorpio......someone who feels passionately about important issues, and has the tenacity and determination to stick to their principles and ideals.

.......someone who has a philosophical turn of mind, sufficient to see the big(and even bigger) picture, and an ability to see how good might be extracted from difficult situations.

Capricorn......someone who is straightforward, practical and hard working for his/her people - no bells and whistles required, just solid reliability and experience.

Aquarius.....someone who has the good of all humanity in mind, not just the good of his/her own nation, and who considers all people from the most lowly to the most eminent as equals.

Pisces..........someone with vision, and with compassion in all circumstances, intuitive insight and an uncanny ability to know the right thing to do, when everyone else is in a quandry.

Sadly, no one individual could possibly fulfill all of those requirements. As Groucho Marx once said, "Only one man in a thousand is a leader of men -- the other 999 follow women." The solution is clear: more women leaders!!


R J Adams said...

Wot! Like Maggie Thatcher? Oh, please, no.

Twilight said...

Well, no RJ - I wouldn't want that either, but you may as well say, with regard to male leaders,
"Wot! Like Adolf Hitler? Oh please no." ;-0

And even Maggie didn't go off pursuing nubile young men, or women in public toilets (as far as we mind is boggling as I type!)

anthonynorth said...

What all the signs should advise is: if you really, really, really want to be a politician, try stamp collecting. If you really don't want to be a politician but have a social conscience, forget stamp collecting and go into politics.

Twilight said...

That's a good summing up - thank you, AN!

Wisewebwoman said...

I find it such a shame, T, that so few women have made it to the point that we can cite a goodly percentage of 'poor' ones.
We can count them on one hand.
what a reflection of equality!

Wisewebwoman said...

"count them all" I meant to say!

Twilight said...

It's a bit surprising, isn't it, WWW ? Things change so very very slowly. There's a fair number of females in Congress in the USA, maybe a few more of them will make a bid to go further in coming years - or maybe not, having seem how HRC was treated. :-(