Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Mars in Virgo - Analysis With Intent (to reveal).

Several astrologers have written about the current opposition between Mars and Uranus, which will become exact on Thursday, but is close enough to be of note during all this week.

Mars is in Virgo just now. The combination of Mars and Virgo represents precision and analysis used in an aggressive or energetic fashion. It's possible to interpret this as the emergence of aggressive events in the physical sense, or as other types of attack or challenge, without blood-letting, but no less dangerous to their target.

Uranus in Pisces could be seen as a blend of revolutionary ideas or unexpected change with creativity and dreams, lacking in clarity and exactness.

These two combinations currently oppose each other astrologically.

Alright - I'll throw in my two penniworth, because there's a story in the blogosphere which fits this opposition as snugly as the glass slipper fit Cinderella.

The story can be picked up from this morning's post at Texas Darlin's blog, ("Breaking - Sister Maya's name uncovered on alleged Obama Birth Certificate". ) Related links are all included for anyone who wishes to backtrack.

A person, nickname Techdude, with "20 years experience in the computer field; performing computer forensic investigations since 1993. Board certified as a forensic computer examiner and for the previous six years also licensed as a private investigator. A certificated legal investigator, served close to 6 years under the direction of a practicing attorney" has been analysing the Certificate of Live Birth (COLB) of Barack Obama which appeared on Daily Kos and Obama's own "Smears" website some weeks ago. Techdude had already provided some evidence that the certificate published was produced by clever manipulation, evidence which did not go unquestioned. Techdude yesterday claimed to have uncovered more: the name of the person whose COLB was used in the manipulation, a female. The name has been revealed after others managed to replicate, at least in part, what Techdude had found.

I know nothing about manipulating graphics on the level involved here, or at all, so I do not pretend to know how reliable Techdude's analysis is. What I can identify in this story though is Mars in Virgo (precision and analysis used to attack/challenge). Mars is currently opposing Uranus in Pisces which can be seen as representing Barack Obama ('change' (his stated aim), without exactness or clarity).

This is a fascinating investigation, it exercises minds, and gives us a glimpse of what is possible using modern technology. Whether or not it bears the desired fruit, I reckon it's very worthwhile, and very Mars in Virgo.

It'll be interesting to see whether mainstream media carries the story forward. There are still mysteries involved though, firstly and most important: WHY?

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