Monday, August 18, 2008

Election 1972 - Thomas Eagleton.

The US presidential election circus drags on. Even those interested in the political scene must be feeling pretty jaded by now. For a change today I'm going to have a look at the chart of an election personality from the past - 1972.

On one of our visits to antique stores I picked up a copy of "Life" magazine dated 4 August 1972. It attracted me mainly because of the cover photograph. I didn't realise until later that, in August 1972, the USA was at roughly the same stage in an election and Olympics year as we are now, in 2008.

The big political story in this magazine is of Senator Thomas Eagleton, who after being chosen by Democratic nominee George McGovern as his vice presidential candidate, had to step down when it was discovered that he had suffered from depression, been hospitalized three times in twelve years, and received electric shock treatment. This fact had not been disclosed by Senator Eagleton. When asked by McGovern if there was "anything in his background they should discuss", Eagleton had replied, "No". Perhaps his denial proved worse than the fact he had tried to hide.
(Senator Eagleton left, Senator McGovern right, in photograph).

This tale ought to raise a warning flag for current politicians. We've already seen John Edwards lie before having to admit his affair. There may still be skeletons hiding in cupboards elsewhere! The more things change, the more they remain the same.

Senator Thomas Eagleton was born on 4 September 1929 in St Louis, Missouri at 2.50 am (Astrotheme's time)

I'm looking mainly for anything which might indicate a depressive personality, or someone who, as the magazine article describes, "had been good at almost everything he'd ever tried, except relaxing".Some brief points which could help to contribute to such a personality - in combination:

Sun, Moon and Neptune in Virgo - a perfectionist, meticulous, critical and self-critical both inwardly and outwardly.

Ascendant in Leo (if birth time is accurate) - a natural leader, with Venus just 4 degrees from the ascendant - brings in personal charm, a great advantage in a politician, and in sextile (harmonious) aspect to

Mars and Mercury conjoined in diplomatic Libra - an energetic and forceful communicator, with charm from Venus on the ascendant - excellent mix for one in public life.

So far it's all good news. Saturn though is in Sagittarius (sign of excess) and it squares (challenges) Eagleton's Moon in Virgo - his inner self. This conjures up a picture of a 6 ft6in burly police officer (Saturn) bearing down upon a rather fragile individual (Moon in Virgo) . Saturn also opposes Jupiter (sign of excess) in Gemini, a challenge between excess and limitation. Saturn's limitation and the excesses of Jupiter and Sagittarius could be said to be having a tug of war .

I'd guess that Senator Eagleton's problems stemmed from this combination : perfectionist Sun/Moon, aided by good leadership potential from Leo rising and Venus on the ascendant angle, then all the good news these factors indicate caves in somewhat under challenge from Saturn. In real life I guess an on-going feeling of challenge which works against a wish for perfection and need to shine in all areas, might sometimes lead to chronic depression.

There's one more thing to point out - Chiron, known as "the Wounded Healer", lies but one degree from the North Node of the Moon (sensitive point) and in 10th house of public standing/career. I'm not well informed about Chiron, or its significance in a natal chart, but because of its sensitive and prominent position here there might well be a connection, more especially as Chiron trines Eagleton's natal Sun.

Thomas Eagleton died in 2007.


Andrew said...

Or maybe his relationships weren't working out?? (Hmmm... is that too self-serving :)

anthonynorth said...

I wonder how Winston Churchill would do, today, if he were starting in politics. Egoist, depressive, drunk, adventurer, eccentric - and in my opinion the greatest politician of all time.

Twilight said...

Hello Andrew~~~~ you could be right, but then I'd have to ask why, what was the root cause of that? To find the answer I'd go to astrology.
Then I'd be self-serving too. :-)

Twilight said...

Hi AN! ~~~~ I reckon that Winston wouldn't get very far in these days of internet analysis, TV pundits, and slanted journalism.
Luckily for us in Winston's day personal failings of politicians remained hidden from "the great unwashed". We'd have been denied inspiration and probably even our freedom without that old rascal at the helm. Whenever I think of Churchill I think of "Cometh the hour, cometh the man".

Beneath his faults was a true leader of men. I think most would forgive some personal failings in a politician if he displayed true leadership potential. I see no such person either here or in the UK at present.