Thursday, August 28, 2008

Conventionally Speaking - for a third time.

We were out for most of the day yesterday, returned to find that Barack Obama had actually been nominated. My last frail hope or dream of an upset is gone, but I am clear now as to what I have to do on 4 November. I have no choice, in spite of many doubts.

We tuned in to Convention coverage last night as John Kerry took the stage. Another worthy statesman, but I found him as uninspiring as I'd found Mark Warner on Tuesday evening. He, like Warner, has Sun in Sagittarius, also Sagittarius rising. He has 4 planets in Gemini which ought to boost communication skills. His natal Mercury, instrumental in communication, lies in Capricorn (like my own). I should have connected, I didn't. I'm beginning to realise that it's mainly in politicians with a good dollop of Scorpio that I find inspiration.

Former President Bill Clinton's speech followed later. Enthusiasm erupted, the Convention came alive. Bill has four planets in Leo, including Sun and Mercury, 4 planets in Libra plus the ascendant, and Moon in Taurus. Not a single Scorpio planet here, yet I've always found him inspirational. It could be the stark contrast of show-bizzy Leo and diplomatic Libra allied to a thoroughly down to Earth Taurus Moon that I find fascinating. He speaks without affectation, never tries to talk down, and in addition there's an indefinable something there. I remember after 9/11, I lived in the UK then, watched events with horror via TV. The one thing which afforded any kind of reassurance at all was the sight of Bill Clinton comforting people in New York. I'll never forget that. He's been unwise, he's been unfaithful - that's between him and his wife, none of my or anybody else's business. He inspired again last night. He praised Obama's choice of Vice President, said much of what I had felt myself about this. The audience loved him. I believe he'll enter history books as "one of the greats".

And so to the man who turned my own mind away from voting either third party or (perish the thought) Republican: Joe Biden. Another man who knows exactly how to speak to the public, inform and inspire without ever talking down. Why the heck he didn't do better in the primaries I'll never understand. I have a lingering suspicion that "the fix has been in" for a long, long time. Obama was earmarked, nothing was allowed to stand in his way. I'll try to keep an open mind if he does become president, I'll hope my own assessment of him has been wrong. Anyway, back to Joe. That inspirational Scorpio had me hooked again. Astrologer Marjorie Orr has some interesting observations (dated 23 August at 20.40hrs) concerning potential for conflict in the charts of Biden and Obama. For me that's a plus. If Obama ever needs reining in, Joe's the fellow to do it! He said all the right things last night, it's the start of the honeymoon period, that was to be expected! Joe's nomination as VP will make the future so much more interesting and reassuring for yours truly.

When I assess my own reaction to all this and compare it with the attitudes apparent in what have been my favourite political blogs for several months, I find I'm badly out of step. Most there still seem determined not to vote for Obama in the General Election. In spite of what's been put forward so far at the Convention, there still isn't total unity in the party. I'm out of step, both with them and with avid Obama fans. I'm not unduly worried. Aquarian Suns are more often found out of step than walking lockstep with anyone or any group. It's in our blood.

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