Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Conventionally Speaking

As this is my first opportunity to watch a political party's Convention in the USA, I dutifully sat in front of the TV for hours last evening taking in the sights and sounds of The Democrats. I tried to avoid the irritating meanderings of MSNBC's and CNN's commentators and watched most of the proceedings on PBS, or as it's known in Oklahoma, KETA. The commentators and presenters there are less excitable, more down to earth.

Astrologically, how to approach this? It's early in the morning, with only a half a cup of coffee downed, but I'll look at the astrology of three speech-makers I remember best from last night: Nancy Pelosi, Ted Kennedy, and Michelle Obama, to see how they shaped up against their charts, particularly against natal Mercury, as this Convention is purely an exercise in communication.

Nancy Pelosi spoke first. She was a disappointment, as she has been throughout the past two years in Congress. She has Sun and Jupiter in Aries, Moon in Scorpio, and 4 planeets in Taurus - that's a pretty powerful combination. To be sure, the lady must have "the smarts" and the drive to have become first female Speaker of the House. That didn't come over, to me, last night. Her speech was uninspiring, pedantic and poorly delivered. She has Mercury in Pisces, perhaps not the most dynamic of Mercury placements. That soft-pedalling Mercury might have served her speech-making to the masses better from Aries or Taurus.

Ted Kennedy was impressive. To be able to stand in front of the Convention and millions watching on TV all over the world, deliver an inspiring speech, after what he has been through recently, can only be described as heroic. I agreed with every word he said, but wondered why he hadn't endorsed Hillary Clinton, so keen is he on reforming health care in the USA. Ted Kennedy has Sun in Pisces, Mercury and Mars in Aquarius, Venus and Uranus in Aries, Moon in Virgo, and Capricorn rising with Saturn in Capricorn, first house. His Aquarius came over strongly, via Mercury and Mars, and spoke to me clearly!

Thirdly, the night's "keynote speaker", Barack Obama's wife, Michelle. Sun and Mercury in Capricorn, Moon in either Pisces or Aquarius (I suspect the latter), Mars and Saturn in Aquarius. I didn't expect to be as impressed as I was. My husband wishes me to add that he was greatly impressed by her too. She has had some bad press throughout the primary season. She was on her very best behaviour last night, of course, so I shall not get too excited! Her delivery was the best of the night, I thought, by far. She held my interest, said all the right things, was expressive, very fluent - a better speaker than her husband, all in all. I began to wish it was she who'd be running in the General Election! Probably I was relating to her Aquarian bits, and her Mercury in Capricorn(same as my own). I found it easy to appreciate her style.

The three speakers I featured have winter/spring zodiac signs prominent, interesting but probably inconsequential.

Overall impression: it's fun, razzamatazz, self congratulatory, back slapping stuff, not to be taken too seriously. What they do can be a very different matter from what they say.

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