Sunday, August 17, 2008

Over My Shoulder

This post could well turn out to be nothing but one almighty whinge. What follows may or may not be linked to celestial events or planetary transits, but as the principle of astrology, "as above, so below", can often be seen working, it's worth conidering. Perhaps a connection to recent eclipses? Or to another transit to my natal chart?

Back in June, I started having some pain in my right shoulder. I mentioned in a post on 2 July that I was teaching myself to use the mouse left-handedly because of the discomfort. I kept putting off seeing my doctor because I've a routine annual visit and tests coming up late this month, and thought to do everything at once. I absolutely detest going to see the doctor, always have, from my first memories - probably always will.

As my shoulder seemed to be getting worse, and my own doctor is on vacation at present, a family member suggested a visit to a respected local chiropractor. I consulted him on Friday. I was told, after x-rays and examination, that I have what's commonly called Frozen Shoulder, correct term for the condition is adhesive capsulitis. Recovery will be very slow (months or even a year or more), and will necessitate a major, and painful, effort by me - stretching exercises. Oh joy! Believe me, the exercises are very painful, but I must do them regularly several times a day. On his advice I'll also consult my own doctor, as apparently "proper" doctors can sometimes offer helpful aids such as cortisone injection, as well as a variety of therapies, and some more effective pain killers. Over-the-counter tablets in the USA do next to nothing for me.

I'm wondering whether recent eclipses are connected to this outcome. Both linked to Aquarius, my Sun sign, and the first occurred very close to my re-located Aquarius ascendant. The pain in my shoulder first was felt long before the eclipses though. The remedy, painful as it turns out to be, was confirmed on the day before the lunar eclipse in Aquarius. I'm now wondering if it will take until the next solar eclipse, which will occur conjunct my natal Sun next January, to heal the offending joint: about 5 months, around the time the chiropractor seemed to estimate for recovery of full flexibility.

Looking elsewhere in my natal chart, I notice that transiting Saturn (rules the skeletal structure) is at 9 Virgo (Virgo = health matters) quincunx (irritable aspect) my natal Sun (6.46 Aquarius), the aspect would have been exact in mid-July. There are three other planets in Virgo now, as well as Saturn: Mercury, Venus and Mars. These will move on more quickly than Saturn, as they do perhaps the situation will ease. I can only hope so!

Washing my hair has become a painful chore, as is pulling up my jeans, sleeping on my right-hand side, and, as the chiropractor put it delicately, but to English ears hilariously - "potty stuff". English translation = "loo stuff". Potty on the other side of the pond describes someone who appears to have gone slightly mad. So when the husband announces, "I'm just going potty", it never fails to raise a smile.

Using the computer, according to the chiropractor, shouldn't make the shoulder worse, but I suspect that long hours sitting in the same position might well have contributed to the problem in the first place. I'll continue to blog, but perhaps less frequently, until I have a second opinion on the matter. Without the diversion of the internet and blogs, I could well "go potty", English style, before this exercise regime is over!


Claire Courts - AstroRevolution said...

Hi Twilight,

It's interesting because I have exactly the same pain as yours - also located on the right hand shoulder - and I have a 7 deg 25' Aquarius rising, so Tr. Saturn is also quincunx my ascendant.

I reckon it's using the mouse (I am right-handed) too often! The best thing to do is to have regular breaks from the computer. Best wishes. Claire

Twilight said...

Hello Claire!
Oh- that IS interesting, astrology-wise, thanks for letting me know! I hope yours improves quickly.

Yes, I think sitting at the computer and using the mouse always in the same position contributes a lot. I've been using my left hand for the mouse, with occasional help from right hand across my body to the left. It hasn't improved anything though.

An ergonomist (if that's the right term) could probably give good advice on this. My husband used to know one, and she always kept her mouse on a shelf quite a bit higher than the position of her keyboard.

If I find anything of interest in the future, I'll let you know. :-)

Claire - AstroRevolution said...

Thanks Twilight! I really enjoy reading your blog. I can see you are dedicated to astrology (true to your Aquarius Sun!).

By the way, I am adding you in my blogroll, you are very skilled.

Best wishes.

anthonynorth said...

I sympathise. With long term chronic fatigue, I have all sorts of pains in many places. Over the years I've learned how to control it, without any chemicals.
Simple exercises and - very important - never staying in the same position for long are essential.
I tend to do my blogging in 20 minute spurts, then take a rest, do a bit of exercise. It's amazing how much you can still get through.

Twilight said...

Claire ~~~~ Oh many thanks! that's kind of you. You're now in my list of links too. :-)

Twilight said...

AN ~~~~ Thank you for the tip!
I'm always amazed at the volume and quality of your writings, doing it all under physical difficulty makes it even more admirable.

I shall work on getting myself into a new habit, follow your routine, take frequent breaks, do some exercises then return to the coalface.

Thanks again.

Wisewebwoman said...

I have periodic carpal tunnel, T, so use a mousepad with a rubber ridge at the front and also an arm brace when needed which keeps things very rigid, it might help you - a shoulder brace perhaps.
yes, like said before shifting position helps, our tired old bodies need variety of movement.
all healing thoughts go your way.

R J Adams said...

It's all due to the stress of living in, or close by, the US. Believe me, I was perfectly fit till I moved here. Since arriving, I've spent a fortune in medical bills. I frequently get sharp pains and stiffness in my right shoulder and neck, and down my right side. It goes away when I go back to Britain for three weeks each year, because I don't sit at a desktop for hours. (Or, maybe, it's something in the air - I wouldn't put it past the corporates to poison the atmosphere over here so we have to buy more of their pills)
Hope you get better soon.

PS So far as I know I don't have a 7 deg 25' Aquarius rising, so Tr. Saturn is also quincunx my ascendant.

Am I lucky, or what?

Twilight said...

WWW - Thank you for the thoughts! I too use a mouse pad with a raised soft piece for wrist-resting, which seems to have kept wrist problems at bay.

Not sure about a brace for the shoulder though, apparently it's a matter of recovering flexibility which means keeping it (painfully) moving.

Yes, it's sad that things like this creep up on us as the years pass - though I think younger folk do suffer too. :-)

Twilight said...

Hello RJ~~~ Now there's something I hadn't considered!

Maybe a 3-week stay in the old country might be just the thing to solve problems. ;-) I'll keep that in mind. Or even a nice road trip in the new country to untether me from the keyboard would do the trick.

I don't know exactly what you have rising, RJ. One of these days I shall take a peek at your natal chart and see from whence comes your snark re astrology ;-)
It's the timing the commenter above
has noticed with regard to the degree of Aquarius involved. It's all good to store away in the file marked "research". One of these days we'll surprise you! ;-)