Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Two Notes to Self

1. Do not try to predict anything when Uranus is involved !

On Monday I convinced myself that aspects transiting Uranus is making in the charts of Senator Obama and Senator Clinton favoured Senator Clinton. I was wrong. I did however say this about the way Uranus is aspecting Obama's natal Mars

"The planet of change is challenging Senator Obama's planet of energy, dynamism and fighting spirit. I don't know how this might pan out - a continuation of the unexpected flagging in his momentum, or a new and surprising "second-wind" with a fresh surge ahead. "

The second option materialised.

I also said about Senator Clinton:

"with Moon and Uranus closely conjoined over recent weeks the Senator is likely to have felt a subtle change in outlook, perhaps becoming more optimistic about her chances of being the Democratic nominee ?"

Now it's becoming clear that any change of outlook is more likely to be that her chances of nomination are slim to negligible, impossible even - as things stand at present.

2. Have more confidence in tarot.

In Monday's post I had originally added a final paragraph about a tarot reading, but I deleted this before posting. It's still on my Wordpad draft - here it is:

"As an alternative, and maybe a double-check on my astro meanderings I shuffled my tarot pack and drew three cards, concentrating on "What do I need to know about the outcome of Tuesday's primary elections?"
Ace of Swords/Ace of Cups/4 of Cups.

Rightly or wrongly I took the two Aces to be the two contestants, Swords for Obama and Cups (more feminine) for Clinton. I took 4 of Cups to indicate that there will be no decisive outcome, things will remain much as before the two primaries, leaving behind a feeling of staleness."

That comes a little nearer to the truth, for me at least. I'm beginning to feel very stale with regard to these elections ! The cards do reflect the fact that still neither candidate has done enough to actually be declared the winner yet.

Monday night I asked the cards the same question again, after shuffling them well, and waddya know! Same three cards emerged in the same order. This has happened to me before and it's very spooky!

Last night, before I went to bed, and without being sure about the Indiana result (it now seems that Clinton won, but only by 2 points) I pulled out three cards asking "What do I need to know about the Democratic nomination?"

King of Coins ~~5 of Swords~~ 8 of cups.

King of Coins has to represent Senator Obama, I think. The other two cards might represent a Clinton defeat and withdrawal, or my own feeling of disappointment and moving away from interest in American politics. Or maybe - something yet to occur with regard to Senator Obama's candidacy. The first card represents him, so why would the other two cards represent Senator Clinton?

It'll be interesting to watch events for a little while longer.

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