Thursday, May 22, 2008

Gemini/Mercury/Uranus - A Kick-ass Combination

It's Gemini time!

I'm highlighting just two individuals from Astrotheme's lists of well known people with Gemini as dominant sign in their natal charts. These two stood out as I glanced down the long lists. They are not today's glitzy idols, but two who represent a quieter, more academic side of Gemini.

Gemini is possibly the most staightforwardly mentally wired of the three Air signs. Aquarius mentality bends towards humanitarianism, Libra towards diplomacy, but Gemini's mental-wiredness emanates in academic and communicative skills.

Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit and Alois Alzheimer, two German-born men from past centuries, were both strongly Geminian.

Fahrenheit invented the alcohol thermometer in 1709 and five years later the Mercury thermometer. You couldn't get much more appropriate than that for a Geminian - inventor of the Mercury thermometer! He also developed the Fahrenheit temperature scale, still in use in the USA.

He was born 24 May 1686 in Gdansk, Poland (no time of birth known, 12 noon chart below).

Sun, Mercury and Mars in Gemini, Moon too, were he born before 6pm. Saturn lay in Virgo (also ruled by Mercury, by the way). Uranus (the planet of invention) is semi-sextile Mercury - that's a mildly helpful aspect. Uranus is opposing Jupiter in Scorpio providing a kind of dynamic push-pull between avant garde Uranus and expansive Jupiter - probably helpful in prodding Mr. Fahrenheit to work on and on, always perfecting and expanding his ideas. Gemini, Mercury and Uranus - in today's vernacular "a kick-ass combination"!

Alois Alzheimer was born 14 June 1864 in Marktbreit, Bavaria (Germany). No time of birth known. (12 noon chart below)

A medical doctor whose surname has become all too well-known in our world today. He was a pioneer, specialising in research and identification of causes of mental disorders. A particularly tragic form of pre-senile dementia was named after him.

Sun conjunct Uranus, with Venus and Mercury all in Gemini, Saturn lay in Libra widely trining these planets. Mars in Aries opposes Saturn in Libra, so as in the previous chart we have an opposition providing dynamic push-pull energy, this time between energetic Mars and work-horse Saturn.

In the natal chart of Alois Alzheimer Uranus was the dominant planet, with Sun second, Mercury third. But Gemini is way out above any other sign in strength - 60.7%. Gemini with Uranus is a formidable combination, and probably more productive than Aquarius with Uranus, for it lacks the rebellious streak. Gemini seems to harness and draw out the best from Uranus, whereas Aquarius tends to tease out its revolutionary tendencies.

These were two Gemini-born men who used their innate talents to guide human knowledge several steps further along the road of progress, aided and abetted by that kick-ass combination: Gemini/Mercury/Uranus.


R J Adams said...

Hmmm, Fahrenheit and Alzheimer - two very respectable Geminian gentlemen. Personally, I'd have included R J Adams, born May 23rd 1946. But then, I'm biased. ;-)

Twilight said...

Aha! Many happy returns of tomorrow, birthday boy!

If you'd been born a few days later you'd have had Sun conjunct Uranus like Dr. Alzheimer, and we'd have had another icon of some sort - you might have presented us with The Adams Effect. As it is we have an iconic blogger - and that's just as much worth celebrating.

PS: you have Moon in Aquarius (whatever time you were born). That must be why I enjoy your writing so much, me being an Aquarian Sun (except when you write on the subject of politics that is, but let's not talk about that on your birthday. :-)) Hugs.

R J Adams said...

Thank you for the endearments. Oooops, my birthday 'piece' is all about politics - but, then, I slate all three candidates equally, so you may perhaps take some Aquarian solace in that?

Twilight said...

I sahll try, RJ - I shall try!

Wisewebwoman said...

Geminis are amazing teachers, T, in my experience anyway.
Getting caught up on ya, doing my belated blog cruise.

Twilight said...

I can well imagine they would be, WWW, yes. :-)