Tuesday, May 27, 2008

About turn!

It's that pesky Mercury Retrograde time again. That's an inconvenient truth, for me. Mercury will be in apparent retrograde motion from 26 May until 19 June, in addition we are warned to allow several days either side of those dates for "a shadow period" before things return completely to what passes as normal.

Astrologers advise that these retrograde weeks are not good times to buy electronic equipment, sign contracts, do deals, or enter into any kind of important contractual arrangement, e.g. marriage, or attempt to organise matters involving communication of any kind. Activity during Mercury retrograde periods in these areas is apt to bring forth results which appear to be influenced by some perversely obtuse celestial manipulator.

That's fairly inconvenient on two fronts for yours truly. As reported over a week ago I had trouble with a brand new computer and had to send it back for refund. UPS returned it to the manufacturer in double-quick time, but I have still not received my refund, 2 weeks later, so I've had to chase 'em up and give 'em the hard word. I'm promised a refund this week. Promises, promises.... It's an inconvenient truth that I'd be unwise to buy or even order a replacement computer during the retrograde period. I'll hope that my old Dell, with a little TLC, stays the course.

It's inconvenient, also, that my re-scheduled US citizenship interview will take place on 19 June, the last day of Mercury's retro-motion, still "under the shadow". It could have been worse, I guess, if the date had been smack dab in the middle of the retrograde. "Be thankful for semi-mercies", I advise myself.

The citizenship debacle has been fraught with delays from beginning to end, and has spanned many retrograde periods of several different planets. First there was a 16 week wait from July 2007 for receipt and acknowledgement of my application and cheque for $400. Then I had to attend twice for fingerprinting because the FBI couldn't read the first batch - which caused at least a further 4 weeks' delay. Then I attended for interview as instructed on 11 April but was sent away, the interview having been postponed due to "staff sickness" - a further 10 weeks' delay has followed. I sometimes wonder why I bothered in the first place, but keep reminding myself that I shall feel much more secure, living in this crazy US world, as a US citizen with a US passport.

(Sigh.) Inconveniences and irritations will be over soon enough.

"You are a child of the universe
no less than the trees and the stars;
you have a right to be here.
And whether or not it is clear to you,
no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should
(From Desiderata by Max Ehrmann).

And, as the late great Douglas Adams used to say:


Wisewebwoman said...

Sit tight, I guess, is what you're saying T.
Let's see if that cheque arrives first!
And I do love that passage from Desiderata.
Good thoughts go your way.

Twilight said...

Breathing, WWW, breathing! ;-)

I'm waiting until noon today, if there is still no deposit in my Paypal account as refund for the computer, I shall be on the telephone, beathing fire!

Twilight said...

Breathed fire and brimstone - this time I was told that the manufacturers have not informed the company from which I bought the computer that they have received it on return. So, I have tracking # of UPS and confirmation of delivery on 14 May......more time mus pass now, waiting for them to check....as though UPS confirmation of delivery isn't enough!

Maybe I'll be repaid NEXT week. Sigh. This is really really bad - it's a lot of koney - not peanuts!

Twilight said...

koney? the brimstone fumes are affecting my typing.

Anonymous said...

Best of luck with both your refund (and isn't that always the way?) and with your citizenship acquisition--so glad you're joining us officially! Love your blog, and your posts on Neptune and politics--excellent, with a fresh perspective!

Anonymous said...


I was so enthusiastic I forgot to say: I don't think having to act on typical Merc retro no-nos during the retro period is always so bad, especially if you aren't beginning a process, but simply taking another step--Good Luck!

Twilight said...

Hello again, Julie
Thanks - and yes, it IS always the way!

Thank you for the thought about Mercury retro and further steps in a process already started - that's encouraging, especailly with regard to the citizenship thing.

As for the conputer, I've decided to wait until the coast is comletely clear retro-wise, then give our local computer shop the business and let them build me one (always supposing I do get my $$$ back).

Twilight said...

PS I must check my typing before publishing comments - I must go write it on the blackboard 50 times!