Monday, May 05, 2008

Next Round - Waiting For The Bell

Senators Clinton and Obama now face two important bouts. Primary elections are due tomorrow in Indiana and North Carolina. Some commentators are hoping that results will bring a decisive shift, one way or t'other. This has been a stated hope before most of the recent primaries, but really I suspect media folk are loving this long-drawn-out spectacle, secretly hoping that the fight will go on until August and the Democratic Convention.

A quick look at the ephemeris tells me that tomorrow, 6 May, transiting Uranus will still be in much the same position it has been since late April, at 21 degrees of Pisces. This particular Uranian atmosphere hasn't exactly favoured Senator Obama, even though he was given a useful opportunity to speak out against his former pastor during these 21 degree days. I'm sensing a slight change in the winds of fortune, in favour of Senator Clinton.

I've chosen to concentrate on Uranus, and its closest aspects, in this instance because it's the planet of change and the unexpected. Change is what this US election is all about. What kind of change remains to be seen - but change there is bound to be.

In the two Senators' charts below, note any planets or angles (ascendant, midheaven or the opposite points) at or close to 21 degrees of any sign.

In Senator Clinton's case, if 8.02am is a reasonably accurate time of birth, transiting Uranus at 21 Pisces is trining (120*) her ascendant at 22 Scorpio, and her natal Mercury at 21 Scorpio (trines are helpful and harmonious). Senator Clinton's natal Moon, if birth time is correct, lies at 22 Pisces - so transiting Uranus is very close, astrologers would say it's in conjunction with, or conjoining, her Moon, and that's a powerful aspect which can be good or unhelpful according to planets involved. Here, with Moon and Uranus closely conjoined over recent weeks the Senator is likely to have felt a subtle change in outlook, perhaps becoming more optimistic about her chances of being the Democratic nominee ?

Senator Clinton's natal Saturn at 21 Leo lies quincunx (150*) to transiting Uranus in Pisces. That is a scratchy aspect - Leo and Pisces don't understand each other too well, nor do Saturn and Uranus. Perhaps this reflects the ongoing struggle between her and Senator Obama.

Those close aspects indicate (to my inexperienced eye) that something fairly unexpected and not detrimental affecting Senator Clinton's public self (ascendant), her inner self (Moon) and her way of thinking and communicating (Mercury) is likely. This might indicate that tomorrow's results will help towards putting her ahead of Obama in the popular vote. This eventuality would be persuasive in obtaining the support of additional superdelegates - absolutely essential for Senator Clinton at this point.

Moving to Senator Obama's chart: the nearest of his natal planets to 21 degrees is Mars at 22 Virgo, close to direct opposition with transiting Uranus (180*). The planet of change is challenging Senator Obama's planet of energy, dynamism and fighting spirit. I don't know how this might pan out - a continuation of the unexpected flagging in his momentum, or a new and surprising "second-wind" with a fresh surge ahead.

We have to bear in mind that Uranus has been in much the same position for a couple of weeks, so the Uranian atmosphere affecting each of them tomorrow is likely to reflect recent events and continue the trend. As I see it, Senator Obama's momentum has slowed recently, for whatever reason. Dare I predict, in tomorrow's election results, more of the same - a much better than expected showing for Hillary in both primaries? ............ Go on then - I will!

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