Monday, May 12, 2008

Clincher or Passport?

Will tomorrow's West Virginia primary be the event which clinches Senator Obama's claim to the Democratic nomination, or will it be the passport for Hillary Clinton to continue her quest for the same?

Senator Clinton has been encouraged, over past days, to "step down gracefully", often in less than graceful terms by Obama supporters. His on-line supporters, by the by, do him no credit whatsoever. Where the idea that he attracts the progressive, highly educated elite comes from, I know not, they certainly don't seem to be in the majority to this observer. It'd be comical if it weren't so important!

That being as it may, onward and upward, to the planets. Tomorrow's astrology isn't much different from that affecting last Tuesday's two primaries in Indiana and North Carolina(mentioned HERE). The faster-moving personal planets have proceeded a little further along their orbit, of course, but the outers, which I believe are more relevant to the current conundrum, are in much the same positions with regard to the candidates' natal charts.

I'm looking only at transiting Uranus. This could be seen as unwise, because the whole picture should be taken into consideration. When interpreting a natal chart there's no argument, but for something like this I choose a different view. If you see a flock of birds in the sky, pick one and follow it - you see where it goes. Try to follow the whole flock and your eye, and mind become confused, you are no wiser. My method simple, it can't tell the whole story, but it could offer a pointer in the right direction. Uranus is this election season's signature planet. Change. It's a great pity that the planet in question is such a maverick though, its changes don't always come about in well-planned and organised fashion - they usually arrive via unexpected routes.

Uranus hovers over Clinton's natal Moon, and trines natal Mercury. Her win in Indiana last week wasn't as big as some people expected. Uranus, bringer of the unexpected might deliver another disappointing and emotionally depressing blow tomorrow should she not achieve the wide margin of victory the opinion polls are indicating. Obama's insistence that he will be able to declare himself the Democratic nominee on 20 May might possibly have swayed enough voters to believe that a vote for Clinton is an empty vote. But Uranus is nothing if not consistent - consistently inconsistent that is! If West Virginia Democrats are hard-headed, independent-minded people, Senator Clinton's support could hold and bring her a massive victory, along with re-energised optimism.

I'm wary of jumping either way this time. The most unexpected way is probably the right one.

I pulled out my tarot deck once again on Saturday night. Question asked: "What do I need to know about the outcome of the West Virginia primary?"

3 cards drawn: High Priestess ~~ Judgement ~~ The World.

Wow! Three major arcana cards, that was unexpected - first time it's happened in response to a question about these elections. As always, I used the full deck.

An important outcome then - one way or t'other.

The High Priestess often signifies new and previously hidden revelations, and always relates to feminine principles.
Judgement is not a negative card (though it sounds as though it could be). It can indicate a pivotal time, and is often seen as indicating some kind of re-birth.
The World - difficult to pin down in this context : completion, end of a cycle, it's not a negative ending card though. I see it here, because of the other two cards, as representing a justification of her insistence to continue her quest. This in turn must indicate a win with a good margin over Senator Obama, and that her supporters have stood firm.

There is nothing inherently "bad" or even disappointing in those cards. I'd say that the overall indication is that whatever happens in West Virginia will be for the best, and that there may well be more to learn about the situation in general. (High Priestess).

Bear in mind, though, that I asked only about West Virginia. Let's see whether the tarot behaved well this time.

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