Friday, May 09, 2008

Changing Horses

It's Mike Gravel's birthday in a few days' time, on 13 May. He's a former Democratic Senator for Alaska, and was one of the original eight Democratic candidates for the US presidency.

The YouTube video below reminded me of how things were not that long ago. It was featured on the Savage Politics blog yesterday. After watching it, then reviewing my own creation, the first video I ever attempted, in June 2007 (re-aired at end of this post), underlined for me how much things have changed politically over past months.

Mike Gravel was, at the start of the primary season, one of 3 American politicians I instinctively trusted. Al Gore (who chose not to run in the presidential race) and Dennis Kucinich were the other two. Dennis withdrew from the race very early on, due to lack of media coverage resulting in little public support, apart from a core of faithful fans. Mike soldiers on to this day though, but since March as a Libertarian, not a Democrat. He changed horses, not in mid-stream but approaching the far bank. I was happy to see him expressing views which still exactly coinicide with my own. The way things are heading, perhaps I should consider following his example and find a new horse for myself!

I wrote a little about his natal chart in a blog titled "Soapbox Time" last October. A quick look at current transits tells me that transiting Jupiter at 22 Capricorn trines his natal Sun at 22 Taurus and transiting Uranus at 21 Pisces sextiles his Sun - both are helpful, harmonious aspects. Whereas there's little chance of us ever seeing a President Gravel (more's the pity) he'll probably be enjoying some support for his views, with a consequent morale boost.

My own first attempt at compiling a video: "The Impossible Dream"


R J Adams said...

Gravel speaks the truth, though I personally think Obama's relative youth and political innocence could be his advantage, if he lives long enough to harness both.
Even Mike Gravel, an elder statesman of American politics, admits he could do little to curb the corporates. No politician can. The power to change corporate America lies with the people alone, not their elected representatives. Sadly, they've allowed themselves to become too fat and lethargic. Instead of a national strike, they'd rather just reach for another Lucky Strike.

Twilight said...


I wish I had your confidence in Obama. I truly, honestly wish that. But I can't muster it, in any quantity at all.

Youth and innocence (even if relative) are not characteristics which fill me with enthusiasm when the job in question is Prez of the USA.

Wisewebwoman said...

In dial-up country we live in a 'without u-tube' world. I would love to see your video, T., tho I'm one of the few who never did care for RG. His voice was fine, it was his physical appearance that repelled me.
I, too am an admirer of Mike. Interesting times.
Hopefully not end times.

Twilight said...

You know, I don't think I ever actually saw Robert Goulet in anything. The recording I used was the only one we could find of the song I needed in my husband's LP library, but it fitted the bill.

Intereresting times indeed, WWW !

Paintings of Horses said...


Twilight said...

Paintings of Horses - Your blog is too - very! :-)