Thursday, May 15, 2008

David Cook, Pluto & American Idol

One week to go, and David Cook (see my earlier blog including natal chart) will be competing with David Archuleta in this season's finale.

David's natal Sun and Neptune at 28 and 26 degrees of Sagittarius respectively will be in the path of retrograding Pluto throughout the coming summer months. Pluto is creeping slowly back to the last degrees of Sagittarius for another short stay, and has been close David's Sun for months, during all of this American Idol series. He has been under additional strain throughout the series. His elder brother is battling advanced brain cancer which has spread to his spine (see here). David himself was taken to hospital last month suffering from heart palpitations and stress. His brother's illness must have affected David very deeply and has no doubt transformed his way of looking at life (very Plutoesque). As Pluto retrogrades to meet his Sun again, what he experiences may act as a kind of healing balm, or buffer against continuing stress.

When Pluto transited my own natal Venus some years ago, first I lost a loved one, then things turned around. I met the person who became my husband as Pluto re-traversed its earlier route. I hope current events will help David, his parents and two brothers get through difficult days ahead. Winning American Idol, or being runner-up can't possibly make up for having to watch a loved one's suffering, but perhaps it will re-energise the family, giving them a new source of physical and emotional strength.

Here is David singing the Beatles' "Eleanor Rigby".

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