Friday, May 30, 2008

Neptunitis #3

Things often seem to come along in threes, and here's post number three of a trio looking at Neptunitis (an excess of Neptune) in the US primaries.

I've searched without success for the source of a remark which I recall was written by one of our astrology bloggers around the beginning of the primary campaigns- seems like aeons ago now. In what appeared to be a throw-away line at the end of a post the astrologer in question said.....something like: "It's possible that the people of the USA could, once a new president is installed and functioning, turn around in amazement and say......"How did that happen?"" I don't remember the full context, perhaps it was relating to Neptune, perhaps some other component in the US chart. But whoever said it, in whatever context, I now have no problem seeing the pieces gradually shifting into place for that eventuality to come about. And I'd guess that Neptune IS closely connected.

Barack Obama has managed to shoot up the political ladder rapidly with, apparently, little investigation into his background. It may be that Neptune has provided a cloak of foggy confusion.

Astrologer Beth Turnage, at Astrology Explored, yesterday pointed out that Obama and G.W. Bush share a Neptune aspect (Sun Square Neptune). Red flag? It could be said, I guess, that the Bush elections were "stolen", but if sufficient numbers had voted against GWB the confusion could not have occurred. Did Bush's Neptune aspect have voters bamboozled?

The picture of Barack Obama now emerging, pixel by pixel, is not always pretty. The first worrying cluster of pixels showed us Rev. Wright. Many people seem content to accept most of his rantings, or are happy to point out that Senator Obama has distanced himself from them. Rev. Wright is but one part of the emerging background though. Articles and video clips linked at No Quarter(HERE) tell a wider story of political intervention and anti-white sentiment by other churchmen with whom the Senator associates himself. I found these disturbing. Separation of church and state? Racial integration? Love thy neighbour? My Aunt Fanny!!

Matters of church aside, more pixel clusters are appearing daily to fill in gaps. Alleged past associations with known terrorists William Ayers and his wife, with Louis Farrakhan, Tony Rezko, and other members of Chicago's murky and mucky political scene. Many well documented articles at No Quarter provide evidence. As Ol' Blue Eyes used to sing, Chicago is "that toddlin' town" where "they do things they don't do on Broadway". Right!

It would be wonderful to to see an African American as president of the USA, it really would. Is this the kind of background, though, suitable for a new president of the "most powerful nation in the world"? If only Representative Harold Ford Jr. had run! Or any of the African American Democratic Representatives in Congress. There are even city mayors and company clerks who have sufficient talent and a far more reliable background than the one we are considering.

Only in America!

Oh Neptune ! What are you doing?


Anonymous said...

What is so different about Barack Obama that any other politician?? Politics is a spin game. What is more ludicrious and hypocritical is the way that white americans become uncomfortable when their double-standards and rascism is thrown back in their faces. This country still hasn't fully dealt with it's rascism. This whole conversation about whether a black man is electable is among many proofs. White's by virtue of simply being white are usually pushed and promoted and assumed to possess the acumen it takes to govern once again simply because they are white. I am sick of this double standard we must deal with this shadow. How many president's were prejudiced and rascist probably all of them. Look at the type of campaign that Hillary has waged give me a break. Let's get real.. let's deal with the shadows that exist within us all instead of trying to finger point and pretend one group is "rascist" while the most obviously rascist group is not???

Twilight said...

This is not a conversation about "whether a black man is electable", Anonymous commenter.

This is a conversation about how the influence of Neptune may be apparent in the US primaries.

I am not pointing a finger, I am illustrating a point which may be of interest to anyone with some knowledge of astrology. It matters not at all to me whether the candidate in question is black, white or purple with polka dots.
The matter of race is only brought up in quotes by HIS supporters, not by me, in the context of my own issue. I mentioned it only to say how great it would be to see an African American president....just not the one on offer at present.

Wisewebwoman said...

As I mentioned before, T, and is being written in the stars, I'm getting more and more ill at ease on what is unfolding with BO. Is he part of some greater plan, the one to put McSame in the WH? I've always believed it.

Twilight said...

There's something afoot, WWW, something is going on behind scenes, I feel sure of it. By whom and why - no idea.

What is mysterious is WHY NOW?
This is such an important election for the Democrats, but they seem blind to a disaster waiting to happen. You'd think they'd want the stronger candidate to be nominated, but their rose coloured spectacles are blurring vision.