Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Computers & Catastroscopes

Mercury has been transiting natal Uranus/South Node in Taurus for the past couple of days.
Mercury + Uranus, for me, seems to equal catastroscopes (a play on Jimmy Durante's version of catastrophes).

On Sunday evening my new computer went dead and refused to re-boot. We'd already found a fault on it earlier, we could get no sound, in spite of trying all recommended adjustments. Then, amazingly, another catastroscope occurred. My old computer refused to fire up again.

After spending what seemed like hours on the telephone, Monday, with a very good technical support guy from the manufacturers of the new computer, my husband and he managed to get the ailing machine started with the help of -- a paper clip wiggled around in its innards! They remained unable to solve the audio problem, so we were told to either send the damned thing back for repair, or they would send us a new motherboard to fit ourselves - they had to be kidding!!

After reading their subsequent curt e-mail giving warnings and instructions about returning the computer, I blew my top. I called customer support and told them in no uncertain fashion my opinion of the way they treat a new customer. They tried to brush me off but I insisted on speaking to someone in management. Eventually they were persuaded to waive a 15% charge normally levied in cases of refunds, and assured me that they will refund the full price when the computer is received back at their factory. I insisted I did not wish to have a repair carried out nor a newly built replacement. I had chosen to buy an American-made 'puter deliberately, as a sign of support for USA trade, (no names until I get my $$$ back!) I'm disappointed.

My old faithfull Dell came back to life when it was re-attached to its own monitor, but another catastroscope surfaced. My astrology software refused to function. Something we'd done when transferring data had gummed it up. The problem was eventually sorted by the husband.

Phew! Thanks, Mercury! (I think).

Pending reimbursement, fingers are crossed that the two old girls will soldier on for a while longer - computer and owner!


Wisewebwoman said...

Oh T:
I'm with you on the frustration and annoyance of it all.
Funnilly enough I haven't touched Dell in years and years due to a similar snarkfilled time on a brand new one I had bought about twelve years ago.
Best service I ever had was from IBM about seven years ago.
I'm on HP laptop now on recommendation of niece and failure of Toshiba's crash and burn operation.
It is fine (touch wood) so far.
Good luck with with it all!!

R J Adams said...

Frustrating, isn't it? Personally, I have a Dell desktop and laptop, and an HP desktop. I find Dell the most reliable, though in fairness to HP my Pavilion desktop has always performed reasonably well. Do make public the manufacturer, once you're reimbursed. Customer service in this country, with very few exceptions, stinks.

kaleymorris said...

Gee, I hope my experience will go better. I did my patriotic duty with my tax rebate and have a new computer on the way. This time I'm going with the brand I'm more comfortable with and had the least amount of trouble with: Apple. Don't knock it 'til you've tried it -- and I have tried life with a PC. I can hardly wait to unplug my HP.

Twilight said...

WWW -Hi.

There's a large element of luck in the equation when buying computers I think. I drew the short straw this time, after a good experience last time with Dell. I'm not sure what my next move will be...waiting for inspiration now. :-) We've done OK with the laptopn - Fujitsu, but I can't type on it very well, so I really need a desktop. I'm still in steam typewriter mode with my finger action!



Yes, very frustrating. It didn't do my blood pressure one bit of good. :-)

The box is now on its way via UPS.

Now there's a good efficient company - I'm impressed with them, and with the Post Office, and with Amazon.com. If all comapnies, and government departments in the US (including USCIS!) followed their pattern things would feel a lot better for consumers (and legal immigrants).

Hello kaleymorris

Good luck with your purchase.

I hope all is smooth going.
I know exactly 0 about Apple, but I've noticed how loyal are its fans, so it must have a lot going for it. I'm a bit too old to be learning new platforms, so I'll have to trust I've had my computer bad luck for this decade, and stick with PC - not sure which though. :-)

anthonynorth said...

I'm literally a techno-phobe. Haven't the foggiest idea how to handle a computer apart from the basics. Hence, I've got 3 reconditioned computers, keep everything on memory sticks, and if I have a problem with one, I simply plug in the next, and wait for my whizz-kid son to visit.

Twilight said...

Hi AN - Technophobe? You? I'd never have guessed it from your blogs.

I like the sound of your 'belt and braces' method. Of course, a whizz kid son is the best of all solutions!