Thursday, February 14, 2008


With Venus, Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn, and Saturn in Virgo, Valentine's Day this year is likely to have a pretty down to Earth feel about it. Moon and Mars in Gemini, with Mercury in Aquarius ought to lighten things up though.

To celebrate the day, we're intending drive up Mount Scott, in the nearby Wichita Mountains. Then we'll visit a wildlife refuge close by the mountains, an appropriately earthy venue, and a trip we had to postpone from Christmas Day when we both had the 'flu.

To further mark Valentine's Day, in time honoured fashion, a home-made offering to readers who find themselves here, by accident or design. Thank you for your visit.


Michelle said...

Sweet video. HAPPY DAY to you too.

I'm not a great fan of Valentine's. Too commercial and too... demanding.
Demanding a certain type of love to be happy, of a certain type of gift to be correct...

stress and depression shoved into 24 hours to by the right card and flowers.

That being said... hubby outdid himself with the most amazing flowers the first Valentine we met, but I'd still rather have a spontaneous surprise gift from the heart on any old day than a forced expensive ridiculous gift every Valentine's.

R J Adams said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Twilight. may you both have a wonderful day and enjoy your trip.

I liked the video.

Twilight said...

Hi Michelle and RJ

Thanks to both.

We had a lovely trip, with near spring-like weather. Wildlife mainly in hiding today though, but we saw a couple of buffalo.

Yes, Michelle, I agree the commercial angle is getting a bit much these days. As soon as Christmas is over, out comes the Valentine stuff in the stores.
The tradition itself is a good well-meaning one though, I suppose that's why it has survived in spite of, rather than because of, commercialism. :-)