Sunday, February 24, 2008

Of Saxophones & Sun Signs

It's funny how often my mind defaults to astrology. The other evening, searching for an entertaining interlude away from politics, we landed on a TV show featuring saxophonist Dave Koz, "At the Movies". Thinking that HeWhoKnows (the husband) would enjoy this I stopped channel-surfing and said, "This is your cup of tea!"

I was rewarded with look of barely disguised disdain.

HWK is a was going to say snob, but Americans don't do snobbery(or so it is told). No, he's not a snob in any way at all, but in the realm of musical appreciation he is a bit of an elitist. He loves all kinds of music and knows perfection when he hears it. He considers Dave Koz and his ilk, which includes musicians such as Kenny Gee, Richard Clayderman, "too schmaltzy", too populist.

"You mean too accessible to the great unwashed?" I enquired.

My mind slid into its default astrology mode, zeroing in on Sun signs, despised by the astrological elite, embraced by the great unwashed,

I went on to lecture HWK, much to his dismay:

"If it wasn't for musicians such as Dave Koz and Kenny Gee many people wouldn't listen to music at all. They play sweet, easy, accessible music. Some listeners will go on to investigate other musicians - for instance someone listening to Dave Koz tonight might decide they really like the saxophone, start listening to other players such as Ben Webster and your idol Paul Desmond. Without having listened to Dave Koz they'd never have known about those artists. Some listeners might even be inspired to learn to play the instrument themselves. The same thing happens in astrology - people read Sun sign columns and articles relating to their "star sign" and get interested. Some decide to investigate the subject in more detail, and often go on to study it in depth - as I've done. Yet the astrological elite despise Sun sign astrology."

"Yes, I appreciate that, but I wish he wouldn't keep acting to the camera - he's a bit of a ham".


I don't often link to my husband's blog, I'm doing so now because the first part of Saturday's post is relevant to what I've just written, and the second part is, I reckon, worthy of an Obama speech writer (wink).

Mine is a populist Aquarian Sun, I am a proud card-carrying member of the great unwashed (figuratively speaking!) I like Dave Koz and his ilk.

Here's a YouTube piece from the TV show mentioned above. Dave Koz and Vanessa Williams perform "The Way We Were".


Anonymous said...

Great post, and great sax and vocal work by Koz and Williams. I think you made a good point in your post.

I'm a sax player and an astrologer. I feel like I can learn from the more mainstream sax players like Dave Koz, Kenny G, Richard Elliot etc. Of course I also like straight-ahead jazz and learn from them as well. It's all there for our enjoyment and learning.


Wisewebwoman said...

Something so sensuous about this performance, Twilight. I really like. (Nothing can beat the great Barbra doing it though! - IMHO, course)

Twilight said...

Hello Anon (Ken) - Thanks for the visit. Saxophone AND astrology eh?
Nice combination!

Yes, it's all good. I enjoy most of it too, other than when jazz becomes really obscure, except to the initiated. :-) Same with astrology!

Twilight said...

Hi again Wisewebwoman.
The saxophone has to be the most sexy instrument there is!

Yes, agreed. Streisand's voice is an instrument too isn't it? Too bad she doesn't sing more these days.