Thursday, February 28, 2008

Daily Dazzles

SUNDAY:- Celebrity time with avengance. The Oscars. I have what some might see as an unfortunate trait (only one?)- dislike of celebrities. This time of year brings on the worst symptoms of my affliction, a bit like 'flu season - well actually it's 'flu season and Oscar season both. Unfortunately there's no shot available for celebrity-itis. Might this affliction of mine stem from something in my astrology? Natal Sun in obtuse and rebellious Aquarius is a start. Saturn (limitation) in Aries in 10th house (public status)- maybe Saturn, the old misery, in this position tends to put a damper on celebrity worship. Grand Trine in Earth signs adds to the mix anchoring feet to the ground, helping to breed an innate distrust of glitz and glitter.

MONDAY afternoon, a letter arrived from the United States Immigration and Citizenship Service notifying me that I should attend for interview on 11 April. This has been a long time coming - since July 2007. On Monday Venus and Mercury were less than 4 degrees from natal Aquarius Sun, with Mercury having not long since moved from retrograde to direct motion, it all ties in nicely. Chances are that I shall be a citizen in time to register to vote in November. The long immigration treck will soon be over. It started with a UK fiance visa for himself, enabling him to be resident in the UK, followed by a marriage visa for me to enter the USA as a Permanent Resident back in 2004, then further hassle to remove conditions from my Permanent Residency last summer. With a following wind I should finally reach the end of this rocky road sometime this summer, after an Oath Ceremony. Then, transformed as a US citizen (dual US/UK citizen to be exact), I shall be saying a resounding "PHEW!!"

TUESDAY evening's TV viewing hovered between rock and a hard place - American Idol and another Democratic debate between El Obama and La Clinton.

American Idol has thrown up a likely winner already. David Archuleta won rave comments for his rendition of John Lennon's "Imagine". He's the youngest contestant, so if he does eventually win, my theory that this year's astrological factors favour the more mature contestants will be proved wrong.

They say Tuesday's debate may have been the last of the season, I hope they are correct. Nothing new emerges now, just regurgitation of what we've heard many times before.

Senator Obama, when speechifying on the campaign trail, and when debating, displays two quite different sides to his personality. He doesn't light up the debate platform as he does stadiums filled with adoring crowds. His sparkling Leo Sun, Mercury and Uranus seem eclipsed by his strong Saturn in Capricorn, which lies quincunx(inharmonious)to Uranus. Uranus dazzles at campaign rallies, with promise of change, unity, and that "Yes we can!" In the debates Saturn appears to dampen things down considerably.

WEDNESDAY - An earthquake hit the UK, mild on a global scale, but pretty unusual for Britain. Eclipses are thought by some to be precursors of earthquakes, but there's no scientific evidence for this. There was a lunar eclipse last week. Coincidence?


R J Adams said...

Like you I have a dislike of celebrity gush. Maybe my Saturn is in Aries, too? I take after my father, who my mother frequently described as the greatest misery on the planet!

I do hope your long USICS battle is almost over. I know how frustrating it can be.

I didn't watch the debate on Tuesday, but noted the effect on Britain of Hillary Clinton venting her wrath, when I saw the earthquake news on Wednesday. Was this due to the earth eclipsing the moon, or because Obama eclipsed Hillary, I wonder?

Twilight said...


I don't know about your Saturn because I don't know your birthdate. I won't ask, I'll comntinue to observe ;-)

There's likely to be some emphasis on Mercury, because you write so well - Mercury could be in either Gemini or Virgo or maybe it's on one of the angles or in one of the Air houses. As for your Sun Sign, I'm not sure from what little I know it's impossible to guess.

Obama eclipsed Hillary you say!
LOL! Not in the debate I watched.
I thought her responses were much crisper, clearer and more confident than his. I dare say she could cause an earthquake thouh, if she put her mind to it! ;-)

Wisewebwoman said...

I'm not much into the celebrity thang, either, T, but watch potential trainwrecks (see Britney, see Heath) with a kind of drooling gobsmackery more suited to my dog with a dish of bones.
I agree on Obama, not a guy with whom I'd have 1 on 1 dinner but would enjoy him on stage for his re-channelling of MLK.

Twilight said...

LOL! I love the way you put it WWW.

The only American politician I've seen so far that I'd be happy have 1 on 1 dinner with is Mike Huckabee. That is SO strange, bearing in mind his politics and religious beliefs. Over dinner we'd have to stick strictly to the old rule "Don't discuss politics, religion or sex"! Better hope the food would be good then. ;-)