Tuesday, February 05, 2008

"Super Tuesday"

It's "Super Tuesday" in the USA, the day when a big group of primary elections, in 24 states, takes place. Whilst a clear result is unlikely after these events, their outcome could hint at the eventual choice of nominees who will fight for the presidency in the November election. So, it's day capable of producing results which could reverberate for many years.

I feel like a child watching the Pied Piper, whose enchanting music leads my peers off on a journey to who knows where. I feel that way for two reasons: first I'm not yet a US citizen so can't vote, I'll accompany my husband to the polling station and just watch. Secondly, I feel apart from the veritable tsunami of support for Barack Obama. I don't understand why, because I felt real passionate enthusiasm for Dennis Kucinich and John Edwards, before their withdrawal from the race. I must admit that it worries me some. Obama should be the natural progression for an Edwards supporter.

Yesterday I looked at my own natal chart and Obama's (tropical) and saw possible astrological explanations - My natal Pluto at 00 Leo is very close to his Mercury at 01 Leo, and My natal Mercury is 3 degrees from his Saturn. Pluto/Mercury, Mercury/Saturn - perhaps there's a symbolic blockage there ? I do admire him and his message, find it inspiring, up to a point - but somehow it just doesn't strike the right note in relation to an imminent presidency. Perhaps I'm on the wrong wavelength, perhaps it's because I'm English and don't understand 'Muricans.

There are many and varied astrological factors involved in this election process, they have been put under the astrological microscope by experts from many angles, it has become very confusing to this onlooker! It's also a ridiculously long campaign, which further adds to the confusion.

I now find myself inexplicably leaning towards Hillary Clinton. She seems much better equipped to deal with malevolent attacks from the other side, which are bound to hurtle towards whoever is the Democratic nominee, during the run-up to the general election in November.

There's still a long way to travel, the going so far has been easy, all has been relatively civilised. Once nominees are chosen the games will begin in earnest. A Democratic candidate who is not strong enough, shrewd enough or fast enough on their feet to deal with the oncoming personal and professional onslaughts might upset natural balance and ensure that the USA has another Republican president for the next four years. That is something I'd hate to countenance, and something I suspect the USA would regret, and the rest of the civilised world would despise.

A combined "ticket" with Hillary Clinton president and Barack Obama vice president would feel right. I'd tune into that wavelength with no difficulty at all, especially if Joe Biden were to be Secretary of State, and John Edwards Attorney General - what an inspiring team that could make! But what do I know, I'm a foreigner and a socialist (European style) to boot - and that's what a lot of Americans would do to a socialist! Boot her/him!


Beth said...


The deep dark secret is that Americans are closet socialists (look at our welfare system, for individuals as well as corporations), living in a Republic under the delusion we are a Democracy.

I worry that yet again we will choose personality over substance, flash instead of cash and then despise the consequences of our choices.

Michelle said...

Moon in PIsces here... so I tend to run with intuition over logic. I just don't like the guy, but then to be honest, I rarely like politicians.

Twilight said...

Beth - Hello!

I'll take your word for that! LOL! I wish a few more of 'em would "come out"!

I fully agree with your comment about personality above substance- it's a danger these days. So-called celebrities dominate the news here, folks can't get enough of it, and many look for a similar "buzz" from a politician. Once in a lifetime it might happen that a combination of "buzz" and competence is rolled up in the one body - I'm not sure this is that once in a lifetime though.

Hi Michelle
I understand how you feel, though I don't actually dislike him. His words just don't hit home for me - I don't believe he can do what he says he can do. I didn't have the same problem with Kucinich or Edwards. I'm finding it all very odd.

R J Adams said...

I, too, have reservations about Obama; his inexperience shines through remorselessly and much of his popularity, I believe, results from an acute American desire for change after the last eight years of hell. Obama is certainly change with a capital "C", but whether for the better....? As for Hillary, I see her only as a pawn of the corporates. I note many of my female readers are migrating to Hillary, and while not wishing to be in any way 'sexist', feel that may well play a part in their decision.
Frankly, right now I'll settle for anyone who isn't Republican, though I still have doubts I'll get it.

Twilight said...


Gender might be part of some people's decision, but not mine.
I disliked Hillary to begin with, but when it comes down to a choice between her and Obama I didn't have to think twice - and it is not down to race, either, as some may suspect. Just a gut feeling - that's all I've got to go on.

I hope that all the young bloods who are so vociferously supporting their messiah, Obama, now will continue to get out and vote when re-election of senators and representatives comes up. They seem to think one election will solve all America's ills - that's if Obama can beat McCain. I doubt they are right.

I'm wishing now to get past this primary season as quickly as possible, it's doing my head in!
Let's hear some argument about the REAL protagonists, Republicans, not about two people both on the same side. :-)