Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Candidates Part II

Yesterday I looked at an early-20th century astrologer's interpretation of the Sun, ascendant and Moon positions in the natal chart of Senator Hillary Clinton. Next up is the candidate many suspect will be our next president - but not before a couple of hard fights, first against Senator Clinton for the Democratic nomination, then for the presidency of the USA, against the Republican party's nominee, still to be decided, but probably John McCain.

Let's take a look at what astrologer Llewellyn George had to say about the placements of Sun, ascendant and Moon in Senator Obama's natal chart.


August 4 1961 Honolulu, Hawaii 1.06pm (time uncertain)
See chart at AstroFutureTrends

SUN in Leo
"In Leo the Sun gives an active mind, good nature, generosity, many friends. Is a natural leader, ambitious, independent, determined, persistent, industrious, honest and very conscientious; philosophical, philanthropic. Quickly angered but quickly appeased. Has a sunny disposition, is frank, oputspoken, candid, forceful and greatly appreciates affection in which he is usually ardent and sincere. Magnetic, intuitive and inventive; fond of children, sports, drama, honors and high office."

Scorpio (if time of birth is correct)
Note - This is the same interpretation as for Hillary Clinton's ascendant -
"Reserved, tenacious, determined and secretive, somewhat inclined to be suspicious or skeptical and stingingly sarcastic. They are quick-witted, quick in speech and action, alert, forceful and positive. They are often blunt, brusque and seemingly fond of contest; nevertheless they make staunch and splendid friends. They possess grit and enterprise that will enable them to reach high attainments. They accomplish their purposes by subtlety and strength of will, or by force if necessary. They have mechanical skill and much constructive (or destructive) quality. They enjoy travel, are fond of investigating mysteries and things occult. Although appreciating luxury, can be very frugal and exonomical. They are natural detectives, sheriffs, bailiffs, chemists.....gifted for accomplishing things requiring muscular skill or aggressive enterprise. Motive-vital temperament.
Mental tendencies:
Quick, keen, shrewd, critical, penetrating mind and keen judgment. Strong will and determination; self-reliant, bold, fixed views. A subtle mind, hard to influence, not easily imposed upon, willful, courageous, energetic and active when interested but at other times indolent. Sarcastic or impulsive and very angry when provoked."

MOON in Gemini at 00degrees if birth time is correct.

"This location of the Moon gives the subject an agreeable, warm-hearted, sympathetic, humane, progressive and ingenious nature, with the capacity of being very reserved in some matters, but fluent concerning local or national affairs. Strengthens and enlivens the intellect, inclines to literature and gains pleasure from books or scientific pursuits. Gives an active body and a versatile, receptive mind, responsive to new ideas and capable of following artistic, literary or professional occupations.

Dislikes quarreling and warfare. Subject to many changes and some journeys. Through lack of caution or prudence apt to be drawn into embarrassing or difficult positions."

It's interesting that, provided these birth times are correct, Senator Clinton and Senator Obama share a Scorpio ascendant. The interpretation does seem to fit them equally well. Senator Obama's Sun brings more warmth and likeability to his personality, Senator Clinton, on the surface, is a more determined, potentially aggressive, and driven character, yet Pisces Moon tells a different story about her inner self.

The differences can be seen at work "in the flesh", quite easily. And it's a moot point who is better fitted for the specific job in question. Choice is a matter of personal taste, judgement and the viewer's own astrology.

Tomorrow, a look at Republican Senator John McCain.

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