Friday, February 29, 2008

A Stately Astro-Mnemonic

I need a mnemonic to help me remember the 13 original states of the USA. This for my civics test, coming up in relation to US citizenship. For luck, I'm going to use astrology in the mnemonic. This astrology is highly suspect, but it might help me remember the first letter of each state, which should kickstart my memory banks.

Venus Mercury & Mars Retrograde Carry No News of Saturn, Neptune's Nervous, Pluto Dominates Gemini

Rhode Island
New Hampshire
North Carolina
South Carolina
New York
New Jersey
Georgia to remember the mnemonic?

From a list of 96 questions applicants are asked 10 and must give correct answers to at least 6 of them. Most are straightforward, it's the few where the answer involves lists I hesitate over. EG: "Name the amendments(to the Constitution) that guarantee or address voting rights". My American husband couldn't answer that one - even HeWhoKnows didn't know! (Answer: 15th, 19th, 24th and 26th amendments. They relate to women's right to vote, the right of all races to vote, making it illegal to prevent someone from voting for not paying poll tax, and lowering voting age to 18.)

No more civics lessons - I promise!


R J Adams said...

Yet another, though certainly not primary, reason for me NOT becoming a US citizen.

Twilight said...

If ya can't beat 'em join 'em - that's my motto, RJ ;-)

Michelle said...

Good luck Twilight. I sat my exam here last year. Reels of percentages and figures on population etc, which I now cannot remember at all. :-\

Now as to your horrifying list of states. I thought I'd give it a bash, but it came out sounding like a surreal funeral announcement!

Here's my attempt:

Virgin Mass for Mary Rhode
Cured, like a New Ham,
of North and South Connections
Not Young, Not Juvenile...
Perhaps a Debutante
Grown old?