Sunday, February 03, 2008

Sunday Scraps: poem, pic, tarot tale.

"In Starry Skies" by Sterling Bunch

In starry skies, long years ago,
I found my Science.
Heart aglow I watched each night unfold a maze
Of mystic suns and worlds ablaze,
That spoke: "Know us and wiser grow."

And with each season's ebb and flow,
My soul with faltering steps and slow,
Still wanders up far-glimmering ways,
In starry skies.

Nor do I heed Life's gaudy show,
But onward, upward I shall go,
Until new star-lands meet my gaze,
And where, perhaps in after days,
I'll learn the things I long to know
In starry skies.

Last weekend, on my birthday, we visited Wichita Falls, a city just over the Red River, in Texas. On the way home we saw this lovely mural on the wall of an abandoned building - I couldn't resist a photo-call with a feathered friend. (Click to enlarge)

While waiting for the bath to fill a few nights ago I picked up my tarot deck, shuffled it and held a question in my mind: "Who will be the next president of the USA?" I cut the deck and took three cards.

Two of Coins. Ten of Swords. Ten of Coins.

Hmmmm. I'd hoped for something easy such as Queen of Swords or King of Coins! OK then... well....Two of Coins represents the choice, the picture on the card shows a person juggling with two symbols. Ten of Swords is a card I'd prefer not to have seen, but it was there. It probably means some kind of serious difficulty arising, or one that has arisen in the past for whoever is to be president - I came to this conclusion because of the third card. Let's consider Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John McCain, who seem to be the likely contenders at this point. All three could be said to have difficulties connected with their past history - Ms Clinton's nasty experience when her husband's philanderings and disgrace hit the headlines. Mr McCain's imprisonment during the Vietnam war. Mr Obama hasn't anything personally disastrous that I know of in his past, but his African/American ancestors certainly did. The third card, Ten of Coins, traditionally is thought to indicate success and gain through family or inheritance. I don't see any connection to McCain here, and only loosely to Obama if we look on a presidency as an inheritance/repayment due on his African/American background. Ms Clinton is often accused of being part of a "dynasty", the Clinton and Bush families having dominated politics in the USA for so long. Were she to be victorious, her presidency might be seen as a gain through family/background.

From a broader perspective, and considering the three cards as past, present, and future, my interpretation would be that a sideways step was made in the past which has proved disastrous, but whatever happens in the future will be for the best, and the country will prosper again.

The very next morning though, I read that John Edwards had withdrawn his candidacy. Perhaps that Ten of Swords could have been a hint about his withdrawal and my disappointment. The tarot can be very enigmatic.

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