Monday, April 11, 2011

Music Monday ~ Idol Shock - 'Bye Pia ~ Was Uranus "at it" again?

As your friendly neighbourhood Idol junkie, which in some people's view makes me a numbskull without two half brain cells to rub together (they could be right) I shall use Music Monday this week to report that American Idol brought viewers one of its "shock" eliminations last Thursday night.

One of the judges' favourites, Pia Toscano, received the lowest number of votes - or so we were told. She was eliminated from the Final 9.

Pia had been riding high since the live shows began a few weeks ago. She has a super voice - of the "diva" genre. Pitch perfect, never a bum note. Celine Dion is probably her personal idol. I admired her talent but found her performances boring - my husband grew tired of hearing me complain about this. Perhaps the majority of voting viewers (of which I'm not one) agreed with me.

The week's "theme" was Songs from The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Pia, who had previously relied on ballads chose to sing River Deep Mountain High. Oh my! Tina Turner she ain't! She gave a creditable rendition though, but visions of Tina's loose style, so different from Pia's kept invading my mind.

Pia was visibly shocked to be eliminated. She is reported to have needed some aid from a medic. The judges appeared shocked too. Their comments:

Jennifer Lopez (In tears): “I have no idea what just happened here. I’m shocked. I’m angry. I don’t even know what to say.”

Randy Jackson: “We’re all in shock, I’m gutted.”

Steven Tyler: “A mistake is one thing, but a lack of passion is unforgivable. But This is America. They’re wrong.”

Pia will have no problem finding work from now on. She's a beautiful young woman with a voice - and looks - to kick-ass on Broadway or Las Vegas. In fact, before I'd finished drafting this I spotted a report that she has already been signed up by the recording company Interscope, chaired by Idol mentor Jimmy Iovine. They aim to release her debut album "as soon as possible". Hmmm.

I'll take a look at her (12 noon) chart, to see if there's any astrological correlation with her shock exit. She was born on 14 October 1988 in Howard Beach, New York.

Something hit me in the eye right away. Look at natal Mars at 1 degree Aries! Transiting Uranus - planet of the unexpected - was right on that very degree on Thursday night!

It's useless to try to embed a video of Pia singing live on American Idol - it'd be blocked due to copyright. I found this very short clip of her singing The Prayer outside of her Idol performances. I've also posted a video featuring her studio version of River Deep Mountain High in case that manages to avoid the copyright police.

PS~~ The four contestants (Scotty, Casey, James & Lauren) with a Uranus/Neptune conjunction linked to personal planets in their natal charts, as outlined in my earlier post, link below, are all still standing - going strong in fact.


Anon And Ever said...

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R J Adams said...

Certainly seems to have a good voice. So shocked at losing as to need a medic? To this British stiff-upper-lipper that smacks of spoilt-brat-syndrome.

Twilight said...

RJ Adams ~~~ No - I think that's a bit harsh RJ. I think she had become excessively "pumped up" by comments from judges, on-liners and others during past weeks. The advice "don't believe your own publicity" is something these kids ought to be told keep in mind.

Twilight said...

Anon & Ever ~~ I noticed an article on the topic the other day - yes, thanks. I'll do a bit of reading now! :-)

anyjazz said...

I think there is a whole lot of greed going on. I am not sure this fiasco was totally a "happening." You'd have to examine charts for producers, sponsors and agents to get the real story. With millions of dollars riding on EVERY episode, do you think they might leave it all to chance? Or the "Voting" public?

Twilight said...

anyjazz ~~~ Well - there's more going on in the background that viewers realise, of that I'm certain. And it'll all be linked to $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Still, it's interesting that Pia's surprisingly early exit coincided with Uranus in transit meeting one of her natal planets.

Twilight said...

should say "than viewers realise"