Saturday, April 09, 2011

Careering along on..... automatic astro-pilot ?

In almost any basic astrology book one can find a list of careers/professions best suited to each zodiac sign/Sun sign. While these are fun to read and match to actual situations they aren't always reliable. The full chart needs to be considered in order to find any guidance at all on career paths, and even then success cannot be guaranteed.

Relying on those basic lists I (Aquarius Sun) should have been looking towards such career paths suggested by Saturn and Uranus, the sign's ruling bodies. For instance, in a list from Manly P. Hall's book Astrological Keywords I find suggestions of (Uranus) humanitarian, aviator, astrologer, electrician, singer (?), psychologist, radio technician. And (Saturn): routine worker, detailed thinker, professor, real-estate agent, builder, miner, farmer, nightwatchman. Mr. Hall was, apparently of the opinion that women need to be kept in the kitchen and bedroom - "barefoot and pregnant" as the saying goes.

So, how about a real life example - mine?

Although I've always loved astrology, I never harboured an ambition to be a professional astrologer. In my days of ambition-harbouring, back in the UK in the 1950s, astrology seemed far out of reach, something enthralling and mysterious.

"If wishes were horses beggars would ride....." My youthful wish was to be a journalist. It still simmers away on a backburner of my subconscious. It may be what led me into the blogosphere. Here I can play at being a journalist of sorts, and talk about astrology at the same time, satisfying two cravings. I've never had much opportunity to discuss astrology, my companions in life haven't shared my enthusiasm for the subject. Computers and astrology software have been my saviours, a gateway to understanding the mystery more clearly. The computer has changed my life in so many ways, it was even instrumental in bringing me to the USA !

Thinking back to early ambitions, my best friend and I (two Sun Aquarians born a week apart)used to pretend to be writers. We invented a girls' magazine. In those days girls' mags were non-existent. We'd prepare "articles" and pictures for inclusion. With the right connections, we thought, one day we would publish our own magazine for girls - first on the market ! Just a couple of young dreamers.

Writing as a profession didn't happen for me, or my friend. She went on to Art School, but never did achieve the career she craved and deserved, in the art world.

I worked with the archivist of our county for some years, then, overcome by itchy feet I left home and worked in hotel offices, moving around the UK season by season.

By my mid-30s I had a stable relationship, and found the job which carried me through to retirement, in the UK's civil service. The department in which I worked, with lawyers and judges, deals with employment disputes (unfair dismissal, redundancy matters, sex and race discrimination, equal pay). I didn't get to do much in the way of writing, other than letters and staff performance reports. The job satisfied my Sun Aquarian idealistic streak though, and that's what kept me from straying into further spheres.

I've often studied my chart, looked back to see how my career history fits. There is a rhythm connected to the cycle of the Moons' nodes. The vertex also had a significant part to play in timing the changes. As for planetary "influence", I guess natal Mercury (the communications planet) close to the descendant angle, and Jupiter (the publishing and travelling planet) close to midheaven made themselves felt in my wish to be a journalist. Planets close to any of the angles are said to have "strength". Venus in Sagittarius and Jupiter (Sagittarius' ruler) at midheaven gave me itchy feet, and set me on the road - working in hotels for a few years. My longest career stint of 23 years in the civil service is, for sure, represented by Saturn (law) in Aries in 10th house of career - again Jupiter at midheaven (Jupiter also represents legal matters).

I didn't ever get the chance to do the job of my youthful dreams, but things worked out well, just by taking the roads that opened up naturally. Astrology may well guide us, whether we know it, believe it, or deny it. Mine has guided me. Without realising it at the time, I was always on a kind of automatic astro-pilot.


Jefferson's Guardian said...

As usual, Twilight, you've made me think...and question...and ponder.

Late in my career I realized it was wrong for me. Lately I've realized, although not the right fit, there were many intangibles that helped open my mind and allowed me to see the world through different eyes.

In other words, we're not all here to bask in a wonderful and satisfying career. We all have wonderful gifts; not all to be performed in conjunction with a vocation.

Gian Paul said...

Jefferson's Guardian makes an excellent point: career is a relatively modern "invention". One has to consider that (unfortunately) these days the dictats of money and sometimes fame (or lack of both) videly predominate over the "total human being".

In principle we should be more than a lawyer, a doctor, a writer, a soldier. These are mere attributes, but in a distorted world they become the principle.

Astrology can help in furthering what we really are (or reducing a false predominance of mostly professional nature).

Twilight was very candid in her own analysis. I will be so as well, succinctly:

Having Neptune conjunct my MC I still don't know what I am or should aim to be - and approaching age 68!

I did so far plenty of things, even successfully, but all were just "attributes".

Gian Paul said...
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Fabienne/Astrology Unboxed said...

I think for a lot of people, career is - as you put - on automatic astro-pilot. For myself, that was a burning question for decades and I am still not sure that I got the right answer! But looking back at all of my jobs, they do share some similarities pertaining to the career houses in my chart. I was aware I did not like my jobs - never had a career per se - but looking at my chart has not helped a whole lot.
In general, I think most of us are in automatic pilot, those who don't know what they are going to be when they grow up and for those who do know, even at a young age, why change directions if the path is clear!?

Twilight said...

Jefferson's Guardian~ Wise words J's G!

They bring to mind a quote I have sometimes posted in the sidebar. It's from Theodore Roethke's poem "The Waking"

I learn by going where I have to go"

Seems apt here.

First verse
I wake to sleep, and take my waking slow.
I feel my fate in what I cannot fear.
I learn by going where I have to go.

Twilight said...

Gian Paul ~~~ More wise words!

Many these days go where they havre to go and do what they have to do to keep body and soul together - and put food on the table. The heady days of choosing an exciting and fulfilling career are over, excpet perhaps for "the chosen few".

I think astrology plays a part in being able to make the best of a bad job. Some can, some flounder.

You are heading towards (or already in) the position of a sage.
;-) If anybody asks you for a reference - give them my name. ;-)

Twilight said...

Fabienne ~~~ Yes, I agree that most of us are on automatic pilot, job-wise. Our natures direct us to look for opportunities in certain fields, and if those aren't readily available, we make the best what what there is until something better turns up, or our nature directs us elsewhere.

Unless we've been on a direct course for something like the law, medicine, teaching etc. from a young age, I guess we all go with whatever flow presents itself.

I've only once found myself in a job I actually hated - I stayed half a day - never went back after lunchtime. ;-)

I guess I'm easily pleased on the whole, but know clearly what I definitely won't put up with.

Gian Paul said...

Thank you T. for "overestimating and even suspecting a sage somewhere in me".

I know it's not quite the case and may never be (although I think it a desirable goal, especially when a rather rich harvest of experiences, including astrological, can be of help).

As a French Rabbi once told me: "what counts is not where one goes, but the experiences one makes while on the journey".

And another thought: Sometimes we are forced into a rôle (professional, in the family, with neighbours) which we personnaly detest. However, someone has to play it for the "game"(destiny?) to be able to unfold. And that's often beyond what we commonly are able to understand.

I am wondering if that e.g. was not the case for Marylin Monroe, until she could not bear it anymore...

Jefferson's Guardian said...

Gian Paul, I concur with your thoughts about sometimes being forced into roles that we are not quite happy about. I think we all experience that frustration more than once or twice in our lifetimes, either "accidentally" or through our own expanding, yet debilitating, sense of ego.

We're all here to enrich our own souls; to learn and to expand our consciousness. I suppose sometimes those lessons are best taught, and hopefully learned, in what we initially encounter as the most unlikely or uncomfortable circumstances, only to realize, later, the value those experiences provided.

Gian Paul said...

To Jefferson's Guardian: One of my grandfathers used to say: when a donkey really feels good, he goes walking on ice. Happened to me, too often.

But as you say, can be enriching with hindsight.

lavender said...

life changes people change its all dynamic