Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A PERSONAL EXPERIENCE ~ Astrology & Radiestesia/Radionics


Having broken a knee more than 3 weeks ago and torn most of the ligaments around it, I've passed some days and nights in considerable pain. And if not pain, half numbed by drugs which only address the symptoms, but per se don't cure.

Astrologically my accident (happened while cutting a ripe banana tree on a wet day) was perfectly foreseeable:

Being Aries, it happened 3 days after Uranus entered my sign and Neptune was leaving its conjunction with my natal Mars in Aquarius, ruling the tibia (and that's where I have the most pain). Also Saturn opposing Jupiter in Aries (Saturn being the bones and Jupiter one's general well-being), I received my dose of "astrological teaching" on that day! (Who reminded me of Saturn signifying the bones was Fabienne, of Astrology Unboxed, often commenting on this blog - and I don't know if I should really thank her for that. But good astrologers cannot mince the truth, so I am sending her belatedly a special hug.)

While lying in bed during repeated sleepless nights, the only noise to hear being my Rottweiler chasing occasionally an opossum nibbling at some bananas, and besides that only distraction, really intensive pain, I was wondering about some article I recently read on how yoga "can help to overcome pain".

In general I detest drugs (Voltaren, Tramal etc. which help killing the pain but leave us numb). Also I believe that they are not really so helpful as they let one move a limb where one shouldn't, the pain, a normal signal to stay tranquil, being artificially suffocated.

But the thing with yoga/radiestesia/radionics started to occupy my mind during those difficult nights. When pain is intensive, any mind-occupation other than to focus onto where it hurts, is a benediction.

I do not know by what "mental combination" I had some days ago the idea, instead of "counting the sheep" in order to be able to sleep, to think of the type, category of pain I was having. But not just of my own, rather of that affecting many of those who recently must have been hurt by the tsunami in Japan and left without care on some destroyed beach or similar place. Or of those poor fellows, fighting (or defending Gaddafi) and having a leg (or more) blown off by some mortar explsion or similar projectile.

AND ALMOST MIRACULOUSLY (!): the more I was able to focus attention towards the (imagined) pain of others (imaginary for me, but certainly existing beyond my capacity to actually see and feel), my own pain RECEDED.

I cannot say for how long and to what degree, but for fact, I felt relief, and even could fall asleep. This was repeatedly the case, during subsequent recent sleepless nights.

In order to rationalise (not being totally romantic, after all):
Astrologically speaking (astrology being the most rational type of tool helping me in general to explain to myself what's going on), I presently have several "heavy transits" going over my natal chart:

Neptune opposes natal Moon, squares natal Venus/Uranus. Uranus (in transit) opposes my natal Neptune and MC and is in sextile with itself and natal Venus. Sun and the stellium in Aries is conjunct my natal Sun. Saturn (the "bones") opposing.

As mentioned, I gave some thought to radiestesia and radionics as I lay sleepless:

Radiestesia: In my personal experience I had a friend, partner in one of those "huguenot, protestant" private banks in Geneva. Whenever he planned to shift a major position in one of his client's portfolios, he had to tell the client beforehand. The latter would then, with the help of a pendulum, go over the stock's name and confirm his agreement for a shift or not. It worked, apparently, as my friend, at every year-end, was inundated with French fois-gras (the business of his client). More specifically on Radiestesia, it was officially invented by a Frenchman named Tourenne. Before him Radioestesia was known under the name of "Rabdomancia" and two other Frenchmen, Drs. Thouvenel and Bleton wrote about their findings involving magnetism, health and electricity. And then there was the "great Messmer", decried by the official medicine of his time.
Radiestesia: From the Greek, estesia = to feel and the Latin, radio = the vibrations.

Radionics: Albert Abrams (called "the dean of gadget quacks" by the American Medical Association) was the one who popularized this "science". I personally think that this type of "activity cum research", when seriously undertaken, can effectively open new frontiers. As astrology and other esoterica. The risk of abuse or simply being carried away by one's experiments being obvious.
Radionics: Wikipedia says: " The use of blood, hair, a signature, or other substances unique to a person as a focus to supposedly heal a person from afar".

In my recent experiencings with pain, I am convinced that something psychological in us can relieve pain. As is claimed by the proponents of yoga. My problem with yoga is that it seems impossible (for me at least) to keep my mind genuinely focused on one object for more that 30 seconds. Some yoga specialist even admit that that's quite normal. And they then add: "at least at the beginning. So that's were I (still) am...


Swami Ananda said...

Westerners have difficulty to understand that Yoga is not for gain (even not for loss of pain). It's for peace of mind.

Gian Paul said...

Understanding correctly, Swami Ananda, yoga is not ment for taking but for giving, especially for giving up the predominance of the mind.

Twilight said...

You are brave to eschew pain relieving drugs, GP! In your situation I'd be chomping them down as fast as possible!

I find the same difficulty as you with meditation. Can't still my mind for long at a time.

Your achieving some relief by concentration on the pain suffered by others is intriguing.
I wonder if anyone else has ever tried this. Maybe someone will comment about a similar experience, now or at sometime in the future.

Gian Paul said...

The principle of "concentrating on someone elses' pain" may be easily explained: empathy works in many other fields. Those who practice "positive thinking" (and you T. are probably, consciously or not, one of them), experience similar phenomena.

My case right now touches onto an extreme, but that's maybe for me to see.

Fabienne/Astrology Unboxed said...

Concentrating on any positive feeling has a positive effect on taking the mind of pain. There is this movie - Dr. Patch - with Robin Williams that show how laughter helps patients with terminal illnesses cope with pain.
As for being reluctant in taking drugs to dull the pain, there is something to be said for a stoned mind able to just float without any worries. Sometimes, it's OK.

Gian Paul said...

Yes, Fabienne: drugs against pain are certainly helpful. I well remember the hours I spent in the ambulance the night after this accident.

When it however becomes a "trade-off" between being a vegetable because of the effect of a drug (or many) or having to activate one's mind to cope with a painful situation, I prefer the latter. It's not the mind which cares about whether it's sweet or salty.

I have accompanied a person with cancer, saw the problems there and how much attitude will not cure, but certainly can turn a bad situation into something less atrocious.